April 29, 2019

Cheap bathroom upgrades you can do yourself

cheap bathroom upgrades for a shiny bathroom

Spring is here and it brings fresh and optimistic energy that makes us move and be creative! How about remodeling? A few cheap bathroom upgrades perhaps? Beautiful sunny weather improves our mood and we are feeling more energetic and willing to make some changes, especially when it’s about the place we live. As much as we need spring refreshing, our home needs it too. Spring cleaning is something we all do every year, and while doing it, we are usually making some interior changes.

Spring is here

Home interior designing and decorating our home, often require high costs, so people tend to do search DIY tips and tricks on how to make some upgrades in their home. The bathroom is an important part of our home, and it needs to be clean, organized and fresh. Replacing bathroom tiles, rugs, countertops, and shower can cost a lot, but there are cheap bathroom upgrades you can do yourself!

If you are in a positive mood, take advantage of the beautiful springtime and make some nice, but cheap changes in your bathroom. Here are some interesting tips on how to make some cheap bathroom upgrades, while making your bathroom a wonderful place!

First. Do deep and detailed cleaning.

If you consider redesigning and doing some cheap bathroom upgrades, it’s highly important to do the deep and detailed cleaning first! Clean all bathroom cabinetry, the shower, the tiles and wash rugs and curtain if you have it. Let your bathroom shine and be fresh before you start making some changes. Of course, remove all items and towels from your bathroom so you can see a clear picture of the space you have for upgrades.

Let’s talk about tiles when it comes to cheap bathroom upgrades.

Replacing old and damaged tiles is usually costly, and requires time and tools. But you don’t need to replace all tiles in your bathroom if they have small cracks and scratches. Replacing damaged tiles or replacing the individual damaged tile is really good-looking cheap bathroom upgrade. And if you do not know how to repair broken tiles, we can start you on a tiller course. Learn to repair tiles and upgrade your bathroom at will.

If you’re lucky you can find and buy new tiles in the same color and design. But if you can’t find tiles like these, you’re surely wondering what can be done. Sometimes, it’s sufficient to repair small cracks in tiles by using oil-based paint with the same color as the tile. The things you will need:

  • a paintbrush
  • water
  • soap
  • cloth
  • epoxy
  • towel
  • oil-based paint.

You should clean the tile first with soapy water and cloth to remove dust and dirt. When the crack is totally clean you can let tile to dry naturally or be fast and use a hairdryer. If you’re on a budget buy a good primer and put it on the crack. Then let it dry for 2 hours. When it’s dry you can paint onto the crack in the tile. Make sure to leave the paint to dry for at least 24 hours. Then use a small paintbrush and apply epoxy over the crack. Let it dry and you’re finished!

Buy a new countertop? Tile it!

You’re thinking about to change your bathroom design, but buying a new countertop is too much for your budget right now? Want to save some money and make cheap bathroom upgrades? Did you think about to tile your countertop? Besides it’s cheap, it looks very modern and beautiful. You can choose the tile in bright colors or with rustic patterns. Make your own unique countertop!

Tired of the plain wall? Make your own graphic wall covering out of paper.

We are sure you like riding a newspaper, magazines, comic books and books. But instead of throwing away old paper, you can use it to decorate a bathroom wall! You can create a vintage look and by just brushing the page backs with wallpaper paste and place it on the wall. After that, seal the surface with a clear top coat. Imagine having a wall in your bathroom with your favorite superheroes comic pages? Amazing!

Use old deck tiles from your living room for cheap bathroom upgrades!

If you have an old deck or wooden tiles removed from your living room, you don’t have to throw it away. Use it! You can take glue and tiles to create a bath mat or to line the bath floor of your shower! If you don’t have an old one, you can buy a few tiles made of some tropical wood and add little waterproof shine on it. Then just place it in your shower and it will look amazing. You can even make a small shelf for your shampoo and soap and place it on your bath.

Draw pretty patterns onto the tile. Paint shower textures.

Moving to a new house and having a low budget to decorate your bathroom? Don’t worry. You can make cheap bathroom upgrades by just painting! You can use water-resistant color or Sharpie, to draw simple or geometrical patterns onto the tile. Also, you can also paint shower textures. Plain white tiles can be decorated with soft floral ornaments in golden or black color. And beside cheap upgrades, if you’re looking for a professional residential moving company that fits your budget and that can deliver some new parts for your bathroom, check movers Belle Meade TN!

Refresh your bathroom with handmade rustic wood mirror frame.

Every bathroom has a mirror. But old mirror with scratches and worn out edges can look messy and horrible. Moreover, don’t replace the whole mirror! You can refresh it by putting a mirror in a handmade rustic wood frame! Rustic is fashion yes yes now, so make your bathroom shine with this cool tip.

Replace the shower curtain.

Old and used shower curtain makes a really horrible picture of your bathroom. Shower curtains are usually not expensive, so you can buy a new one to refresh your bathroom. You can even buy 2 plain white curtains with ribbon and make it more luxurious. It’s not a big change, but few home redecoration tips make a big difference while making cheap bathroom upgrades.

Install a towel warmer for easy and cheap bathroom upgrades.

Comparing to painting tiles and changing shower curtains, installing a towel warmer may seem expensive but don’t worry. It’s not that much and you can install it with a little help from your friend or a family member. It’s easy to install and it will make your bathroom look like a spa. Besides it’s useful so you can hang your towels there, it looks very nice and your bathroom will look like a new one.
Cheap bathroom upgrades can save you money, which you can use to hire the best moving services and make your relocation less stressful. One of the best movers in Gallatin TN will ease your relocation and make you forget about moving. Play with decorating your bathroom!


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