June 1, 2023

How to Move to Nashville

Downtown Nashville capitol hill view

Moving and Music City: two topics we know so much about! Over the last few years, Nashville has become a top destination for tourists and residents alike. People are moving to town from all over the country, eager to call Nashville their new home.

No matter the distance you are traveling, picking up and moving your entire home can be a pain. Here are a few tips from our Nashville movers to make your relocation to Nashville a smooth one.

Finding a Place to Live

Like any major city, Nashville is full of unique, vibrant neighborhoods that each have their own charm. Before you make any moves, do a little research to figure out what interests you the most, what your price range is, what amenities or features you need, and the typical demographics of each area.

For example, you may find a gorgeous apartment complex in Bellevue (west of downtown Nashville) that checks many of your boxes. But you also need to be aware that you’d be a 30+ minute drive from anything downtown or east of the city.

Nashville’s housing market is booming, which means there’s no shortage of realtors available to help you find your dream home. And if social media influences your decision on choosing realtors, there are options for you, too!

If you’re looking to rent rather than, a few of the obvious choices are browsing popular sites like Zillow and Apartments.com. However, perhaps a lesser-known tactic is looking up Nashville housing groups on Facebook. There are always individuals (young, old, and anywhere in-between) who are either looking for roommates or are trying to fill their space. For those new to the city, it can also be a great way to meet new folks and build friendships.


Ah, the dreaded task of packing…arguably one of the worst parts of the entire moving process. No matter how big or small of a move you’re making, we’d advise against throwing items in any random box and calling it a day.

When you’re getting ready to move, you’re going to need the right supplies to do the job correctly. That includes:

  • Boxes
  • Specialty boxes (glass and dishware, TVs, etc.)
  • A permanent marker
  • Furniture wrapping
  • Bubble wrap or packing peanuts
  • Tape

Make sure you label each box with its designated room to make unpacking easier. And pack every object with care and precision. You don’t want to get to your next destination and find your objects are no longer intact.

Choosing Your Nashville Movers

Moving companies are here to make your lives easier. Finding the best movers in Nashville—like the professional crews at Move On—means you’re not only supporting local business, but you’re also getting a credible and reliable moving company that knows the Nashville area well.

With the help of Nashville movers who know what they’re doing, the time and energy typically spent during a DIY home move is reduced significantly. And who doesn’t want more time back in their schedule?

Tips for Long-Distance Moving

Getting your belongings from point A to point B in the simplest way possible—and all in one piece!—is one of the biggest priorities in a long-distance move. Before you make any moves, you need to:

  • Make a budget and plan early
  • Include your furry friends in the equation
  • Remember the minor details (utility swaps, home/renters insurance, etc.)
  • Toss any seasonal items that don’t hold sentimental value
  • Hire professional long-distance movers

Make Your Move Easy

Choosing between moving companies is a big decision. No matter the size of the space you’re moving out of or into (house, condo, or apartment), we know that moving is a big deal. As a local moving company, we know Middle Tennessee inside and out, and we’re ready to make your next home move easy—no matter how far away you’re coming from.

From Germantown to Belle Meade, Franklin to East Nashville, and beyond, Nashville is our home. And we’re ready for you to make it yours.

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