Our Story

A Moving Company With a Mission

It may sound strange coming from a moving company, but from day one, our mission was to positively affect people’s lives as much as possible.

Moving can be hard. And complicated. But we believe it doesn’t have to be.

Our team has one goal, and that is to make this whole process easier for you. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, reliability, and excellent customer service.

Move On relocation team standing and smiling with their arms crossed

Not Just “Business As Usual”

The moving and storage industry has long been a game of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And yet the industry is notorious for breaking your items and not fixing them. Ironic, right?

We strive to do things (a lot) differently: taking a stressful, over-complicated process and flipping it on its head.

Move On movers bubble wrapping and transporting a piano

Why the Right Team Matters

Part of that shift comes from our vision to elevate the moving industry to new levels. We want to provide our team with growing careers, not just short-term manual labor.

By viewing our team as skilled, respected professionals, we instill dignity while also setting a high standard for the quality of work.

That’s why each employee completes a 6-step training program that takes 30 days to complete. Every year the team reviews that same training process adds new certifications to expand their credentials.

Happy employees lead to happy customers. By treating our team well and training them well, we set the foundation for a great moving experience for every customer, every time.

Move On mover wheeling out a dolly of boxes out of a room

Our Core Values

Protect the Team

We only hire the best, and our crew sticks around because we put them first in everything we do.

Move With a Purpose

We’re not just in it for a paycheck. We want to serve our communities, help clients in stressful times, and provide dignified employment for our team.

Big Arms and Big Hearts

We strive to be excellent in everything we do, but our ultimate focus is on making a difference in our world.


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