July 31, 2023

Which Moving Services Are Worth the Cost?

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You’re moving! Now comes the age-old question of whether you should do it yourself or hire a full-service moving company to help.

That answer will depend on a number of factors, such as your specific moving needs, your budget, and the moving companies in your area. After all, you want your Nashville move to be seamless without costing too much time, energy, and money. Let’s take a look at the various moving services out there so you can determine whether it’s worth it to hire professional Nashville movers.


If you’re on a limited budget, packing on your own is a straightforward way to save money. You already know where your stuff is located, so all you need to do is get boxes and moving supplies and start packing.

But self-packing can be downright tedious and time-consuming, so hiring professionals works better for many. Not only can our Nashville moving services crew pack a full house in one day, they’re also experts at packing securely to minimize damage on your items during the move. For convenience and keeping your items safe, adding packing services can definitely be worthwhile.

Specialty Items

When you think about your grandma’s heirloom piano or that pool table in the basement man cave, do you really want to move those things yourself? Probably not. For packing and moving large, heavy, or extremely valuable items, it’s best to entrust professionals. Just make sure the company you choose has specialty moving experience to save yourself any headache.

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Local Moving

If you have a one-bedroom apartment and need to move to another neighborhood in town, enticing a few strong friends with free pizza in exchange for moving help can make sense. After all, renting a moving truck would likely be your only major expense.

However, if you live in a 3-bedroom house, have stairs, or simply have a lot of belongings, working with a moving company can be a better option. Professional movers have the equipment and know-how to pack, load, and move your variety of possessions efficiently and safely to your new home. Plus, you’ll have a whole crew to do the heavy lifting for you, which is not only convenient but also protects you (and your friends) from the physical toll of moving a house-load of items across town.

Yet if you’re local, watch out for the many dishonest, poorly trained moving crews in the area. Prioritize Nashville moving services that have an A+ BBB rating (like us!). You’ll have way more peace of mind as a result.

Long-Distance Moving

Let’s be honest.Moving long-distance can easily get overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it on your own. You’re already going through a major life change for Pete’s sake! That’s why it’s worth the cost of using moving services in Nashville you can trust.

Professional movers are experts at managing the logistics, loading, and transportation of a cross-country move so you don’t have to, and your possessions can safely reach your new home without a hitch. At Move On, we can handle any long-distance move that either starts or ends in the Nashville area.

Move On Handles It All

Everyone’s budget (and ability to handle physical labor) is different. For some people, going the DIY route can make a lot of sense. Others may want handle some parts on their own while hiring professional movers for specific services.

But working with a full-service moving company in Nashville that can handle it all is perhaps the most worthwhile, as you get all of the benefits shared above in one easy service. At Move On, we provide the caring, transparent expertise you can trust for all your moving needs. Explore our moving services or request a free estimate today to get started.


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