March 27, 2019

Top Sports Bars in Nashville

Sports bar with people enjoying cold beverages

Sports Bars in Nashville are blooming and raising in popularity. You may have noticed that New York City become a number one city in the United States in decreasing population, while the number of people moving to Nashville is increasing! Are you surprised? High costs of living are the main reason people consider moving out from big cities like New York. Besides, massive moving to Nashville speaks of the quality of living in this city. If you’re moving long distance to Nashville, there are a lot of things you want to know. And if you are also a big fan of sports, you definitely want to know who and where are the top sports bars in Nashville. In order to help you, we’ve prepared a list of some top sports bars in this town where you can relax and enjoy watching a game of your favorite team. Maybe some bar from our list will become your favorite one! Give a try!  

Sports Bars in Nashville starters: Double Dogs

It’s hard to find real quality and awesome Sports Bars in Nashville because there are plenty of bars in this town. Considering prices, cool atmosphere and people’s feedbacks, you should check “Double Dogs”. This sports bar is located in 21st Avenue South, Nashville. With amazing working hours: Sunday – Wednesday 11 am – 12 am, Thu-Sat 11 am – 1 am. While being a relatively new place and restaurant, the reputation of it is very good. Pleasant atmosphere and large projection wall for popular sports, this will be a great place to spend time with friends. Also, suitable for all ages and smoke-free.

Sports Bars in Nashville with a red pool table

Crow’s Nest

Another amazing among many Sports Bars in Nashville is Crow’s Nest. This bar is located in Green Hills and it’s always full and overcrowded with sports fans on game days. Offering drinks and many TVs to watch sports, this bar also includes a restaurant with plenty of dishes you can enjoy. This bar also has its happy hours Monday – Friday from 2 pm – 7 pm, when you can spend only $4 for house wine and drinks, $3 for Domestics and $1 off all drafts. Cool isn’t it?

Corner Pub

According to friends feedbacks and rumors, Corner Pub is in top 3, best  Sports Bars in Nashville. Since 2006, this has been a top sports bar for game fans in this town. This pub has many locations in Nashville, you should definitely check some if them. Good food and friendly atmosphere, provided by best service, will delight you. Their friendly staff will make you feel like at home, while the bar’s interior is cozy and pleasant. Food and sports, an ideal place!

Dawghouse Saloon

You are a big fan of sports but you also like music? If it’s like that, Dawghouse Saloon is a place you are going to love. Being among the best Sports Bars in Nashville, this bar is a favorite place for sports and music lovers. A perfect combination. Their slogan is “a music venue with a sports addiction”. While listening to music, every seat offers a view of a big screen TV to watch a game. On their website, you can book a table, check the menu and see the event calendar. Great place where you can bring your family and friends to enjoy.

The George Jones

Another amazing place among Sports Bars in Nashville. George Jones has a great location, right off Broadway in downtown Nashville where you can watch sports games on over 20 HD TVs. From amazing rooftop patio which is heated and covered during winter, you can enjoy views of Nissan Stadium. You can bring friends to play beer pong and other fun drinking games on its amazing rooftop. This bar offers happy hours for food and drinks: Monday – Friday 3 pm – 6 pm. Also, music nights when you can dance! Amazing place!

Headquarters Beercode

Sports games are amazing, but video and arcade games are amazing too! If you are a fan of all games, then this is the right place in Nashville for you. Considering moving to Nashville check Springfield movers to ease your relocation, while you’re going to this cool bar to relax. Headquarters Beercode offer sports games watches, pinball, and arcade games and many HD TVs and projection screens. With over 30 vintage arcade games and pinball machines, you can play, drink beer and watch your favorite team! Lots of fun!

Boys watching a game in one of Sports Bars in Nashville

Hopsmith Tavern

While relocating to Nashville, you can enjoy this amazing place to relax and have some fun. And if you check Franklin movers website and hire their services, you will be less stressful and you can visit Hopsmith Tavern to have some drink. This is a very friendly place with outdoor patios. They are offering great services with lots if various draft beers. What’s more amazing, this bar includes a couple of tables where you can pour and make your own drafts! The right thing for beer fans! Besides drinks, they have an amazing menu with burgers, long grilled cheese, wraps and others to keep your attention. Offering various things to do with your friends, if you visit this place you’ll definitely going to be back here again!

BoomBooz Craft Pizza N Taphouse

We all like sports games, but we also adore pizza! Well, who doesn’t?? Imagine having delicious pizza with friends while watching a sports game. BoomBooz Craft Pizza N Taphouse is a great place for you! Pizza, beer and sports games are the real fun here. If you also have kids, this bar offers playground outside where you can let them play while you’re watching a game. Fun for all ages!

So with plenty of our suggestions be sure to check some of them you cannot regret it. And there are chances to meet some new friends and make new unforgettable memories.


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