September 19, 2019

Free things to do in Nashville

Check what are the free things to do in Nashville

The list of free things to do in Nashville is long. Once your Nashville Movers relocate you to the capital of Tennessee, you should check out all the city of Nashville has to offer. Moving to Tennessee will open you the door of Nashville’s nature, 19th and 20th-century American artwork, symphony’s open-air concerts, and many other interesting events. The capital of Tennessee also happens to be the capital of country music. Hence, if you decide to move to Tennessee you can dive into its diversity. As well, you can end up being paid for that since Nashville is a big music production and recording spot. In your free time, you can continue with checking out the music festivals that the area has to offer or organize a family picnic in one of the numerous parks. 

Park adventures

Let’s start with the parks you need to know of if you are moving to Nashville.  Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Nashville’s nature. The Warner Parks are considered as the number one outdoor destination in Nashville. There are two of them – The Percy Warner Park and the Edwin Warner one. 9 miles from Nashville lays a territory of 3.100 acres for fun activities. So when you explore Nashville’s nature, choose the option that you fancy the most. In the region, you can find 9 picnic areas, different hiking trails and many more. Percy Warner Park alone has 10 miles for different activities like bicycling. You can take a pet with you and make some great photos in the dog park. The pet will be happy to sniff everything around and enjoy the precious moment with you.

A park.

You can organize a picnic with your friends. Imagine that wonderful weekend and take the steps to create it. Set your schedule for horse riding and take pictures of the wildlife. Visit the pond and find out more about family activities in the Nature Center as well. In the Bells Bend Park, you can have a night hike and enjoy birding options. Don’t forget that Davidson County has more than 190 miles of trails. If you’re a nature lover, take some time, appreciate the moment and capture that perfect sunset or just listen to some good music close to the pond. You can continue the walk in the Centennial Park where you will find a replica of ancient Parthenon in Nashville. Apart from park adventures, there are more free things to do in Nashville, like events and festivals.

Music festivals and events-more free things to do in Nashville

If you are planning on local moving with your family, you must learn a bit more about kid-friendly events. In the mentioned Parthenon, every Sunday at 11 a.m. a Kidsville is taking place. Parthenon themed craft and program are being organized for the young ones. It is an excellent opportunity to visit Parthenon for free. Your kids will enjoy the weekend fun and find one of the biggest replica statues of an ancient Greek goddess, Athena. Of course, Kidsville is taking place there, so it is an excellent opportunity to have fun and learn something new in a creative way. Tomato Artfest happens in August so put on some dapper costumes and have fun with your family. After the free concert, there’s also a parade.

Music festival is definitely on our free things to do in Nashville list

If you or the kids enjoyed Parthenon so much, you can come back for more fun. There’s a free Symposia lecture. Spice it up with some Shakespeare. One of the rare cities that still have the opportunity to enjoy Shakespeare’s work is indeed Nashville. The festival ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ is happening in the Centennial Park, so plan that adventure on time and have a full family experience.  If you prefer four days with non-stop music, the CMA Fest is the right thing for you. You can find seven free stages and some of the biggest country stars performing.

Additional advice on free things to do in Nashville

If you decided to move to Nashville, you need to know when the best time of the year to move house is. Then you can continue writing down more of the free things to do in Nashville. Something you should have in mind is exploring the sky and gazing into the stars with professional equipment for free. The Barnard Seufert Astronomical Society organizes this type of event and not only in one location. To have a better insight and to keep things interesting, they change the locations during the year. A similar type of free event is also organized by Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory. On the first Tuesdays of most of the months, they dedicated team organizes ‘Open House Days’ from 9 am till noon. Contact them to find more information on the reservations.

Star gazing is one more of the free things to do in Nashville.

In order to have a smooth relocation to Nashville, you need to have a moving checklist. That is the only way that you will be sure that the packing part will be done properly. Besides others, park adventures, festivals and events are not the only free things to do in Nashville. Once you move to Nashville, or you’re already here, you can practice yoga for free. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or experienced professional.

Nashville Public Library organizes yoga classes 16 times a week in different locations in the city. This is indeed one more of those free things to do in Nashville. And let this be your start. Explore the area, see what suits you best and begin the ride. Happy moving!


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