Pet friendly attractions in Nashville

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Pet friendly attractions in Nashville for your four-legged friends to take on. With a proper start, Nashville is the capital and most populous city of the US state of Tennessee. The city is the country seat of Davidson County and is located on Cumberland River. Named for Francis Nash, a general in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. And when it comes to pets, Nashville possesses pet attractions that both you and your four-legged kids can experience together. Don’t leave your pet behind, share the sights and sounds and a good sniffs of Nashville. We are going to look at most of the 16 pet attractions and a bit inside though. Well, all to make your choice a bit easier and to start your adventure quicker. So let’s dig into this and let’s provide some joy for your furry friends.  

Pet Friendly Attractions in Nashville: DogFest 

Your furry family member is going to love this one. From 12 pm to 5 pm, DogFest is supported by Canine Companions for Independence. A nonprofit organization that helps provide the disabled with canine helpers and companions. Dogs are more than welcome, just make sure of course well-mannered at all times. 

dog before going to pet friendly attractions in nashville
Going out of your way to make your furry friend happy goes a long way!

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and Greenway: 

It does not go better than this, for Pet Friendly attractions in Nashville. Nothing beats the hike alongside your four-legged family member. Part of the Rails Conservancy, hiking trail welcomes pooches, as long as they are leashed and well behaved of course. It is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 am until 4 pm, Wednesday and Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm. And Sunday and Monday closed. And if you need movers Goodlettsville here is our pick. 

Stones River Greenway: 

A proper piece of pet friendly attractions in Nashville. A ten-mile paved trail system connecting Shelby Bottoms to Percy Priest Lake. There is a large dog park at the entrance of the trail that’s a bonus on top of it. Moreover, you can have a trip on mostly shade trail, with lots of joggers, walkers, and bikers. But bring water as there are no water fountains on the trail. And in case you need some local movers Nashville TN we got that covered.  

Pet Friendly Attractions in Nashville Tennessee State Parks:  

Simply put, Tennessee is a state that loves animals, and pets are allowed in all Tennesse state parks. Of course, it goes without saying that you make sure they are on a leach for a duration of your visit.  Have in mind that private entities like cabins and restaurants may have different regulations. They are open from Monday to Friday from 09:00hs to 17:00hs.  

two dogs greeeting each other
Your pall is going to be more than happy to join you for a walk in the park!

The Trails at Fontanel:  

When it comes to pet friendly attractions in Nashville, Trails at Fontanel is the perfect venue for anyone who wants to take a pleasant walk through some of Tennessee’s prettiest scenery. Pets are more then welcomed to walk alongside you. Nothing beats a peaceful walk with your pal alongside you.  

Centennial Dog Park:

Your pet is certainly to go wild for the chance to play off-leash at this fenced dog park, which includes separate small dog area. Now, the thing is dogs must be vaccinated and licensed. You can spend a tone of time here because that park is huge and gorgeous. The dog park sits on the hill, make sure to wear some good shoes here, since maybe your pet gets a bit of dirt.  

Pet Friendly Attractions in Nashville Shelby Dog Park 

Now here dogs are allowed and welcomed to play off-leash in a designated area of this park, located behind the Shelby Park Community Center. The park is one big area so all dogs are together but most of the dogs get along so do not worry. Your dog is sure to love it and will know exactly where are you going when you say dog park. There are a couple of benches to sit and a water fountain for the dogs.  And perhaps help to pick the right neighborhoods in Nashville we can help with that too.

small dog covered with a blanket
It does not take much to make your furry family member a bit happier!

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park:

Leash of your pet as this is one of pet friendly attractions in Nashville that is located downtown near the Capitol building. This is a 19-acre park and includes a 200-foot granite map of the state, 95-bell carillon, a WWII memorial. And the Rivers of Tennessee fountains, and the Pathway of History, all telling the story of Tennessee in an interesting and unexpected way. There are also picnic tables and restrooms. It comes without question that dogs must be leashed at all times.  And if you are interested in the best playgrounds in Nashville for your family too, we got that covered.

Two Rivers Dog Park:  

Two Rivers offers a wide open space for dogs to play, a wooden shady area, and a walking track. What graces this park is huge, shady, and lots of benches. You are sure to love paved walking path around the perimeter so that your pooch can play in the middle. Moreover, you can still keep an eye on them. Your pets will have a blast for sure.  Moreover, in case you need advice on how to get settled in the new neighborhood listen to us.

close up of a small black dog ready for pet freindly attractions in Nashville
With so many dog parks available, take your friend on an adventure!

Nashville is like a mecca for pet attractions there are certainly many more than listed here. But the point to make is that your pet here is going to be taken care off. In case you consider moving here and making sure that your pet has a lot of fun, Nashville is a proper choice to settle in. And since you came all this way to check pet attractions we are sure that you take care of your pet. Moreover, with all these locations you cannot make a mistake, so bring your pets here and let them make some new friends.  

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