April 24, 2019

Top 5 kid-friendly places in Nashville, TN

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Do you seek kid-friendly places in Nashville? You are in the right place. Did you know that Nashville is one of the most exciting and unique cities in the United States when it’s about kids’ fun and education? Nashville is among the most kid-friendly cities in America that offers amazing outdoor activities for families and kids of all ages. This city is full of kid-friendly restaurants, playgrounds, museums, adventure parks, sports centers, and other places.

The city of music

Nashville is the city of music, so you’ll find many music city attractions that can be a part of kid-friendly places in Nashville. Kids of all ages simply love music and this town is the best place where they can enjoy music. Visit music museums and attractions or learn to play some instrument or sing. Visiting kid-friendly Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a must, but this city offers a wide range of places for kids.

If you considering moving to Nashville, and you’re bringing your family with you, you may be interested in kid-friendly places in Nashville where you and your children would spend quality and peaceful time together. As much as adults need nightlife and outdoor activities with friends, kids need places for fun and education. In order to show you some cool places in Nashville where you can take your kids to enjoy, we’ve created a list of 5 kid-friendly places that you’re going to love! And for you, the fathers and lovers of sports here are some top sports bars in Nashville.

Your kids are going to love Nashville Shores Waterpark & Treetop Adventure Park!

When it comes to kid-friendly places in Nashville, Nashville Shores Waterpark & Treetop Adventure Park is our number one! First of all, families and kids can enjoy waterpark during warm-weather months. A lot of amazing splashes, slides, spills, a wave pool, Kowabunga Beach, lazy river, water treehouse, and playground is something that your kids will adore. It’s fun for both you and your kids!

On the other side, this place represents the adventure park! Treetop Adventure Park features junior’s and adults’ courses over 100 adrenaline-pumping obstacles, suspended bridges, giant zip lines, cargo nets, Tarzan swings, and more amazing outdoor adrenaline activities. Imagine having fun with kids in the waterpark and then experiencing some adrenaline activities in the same place! Fun for all! And the tickets for waterpark go between $19.99-$36.99 while the Treetop tickets: adult course $49.99, junior course $34.99, kid’s course (ages 7-11) $24.99.

Adventure Science Center is among our favorite kid-friendly places in Nashville

This amazing place represents a nonprofit attraction that lasts for 70 years with a mission to ignite and develops kids curiosity and hunger for knowledge. The exhibits and content are specifically created to engage kids between the ages of 3 and 11.  But teens and adults can use textbooks and articles. This science center has 6 areas: Earth Science, Creativity & Innovation, Sound & Light, Air & Space, Health and Energy.

There are some highlights of this place, including the ultra-interactive Adventure Tower, Sudekum Planetarium, Mini-Med Center and real-world ambulance, and the center’s newest addition, 15,000-square-foot Space Chase, an awe-inspiring exploration of the universe!  While having fun with kids at the Adventure Science Center, don’t worry about moving. Relax and let residential movers Nashville relocate your stuff to a new home.

Talk to the Animals

Nashville Zoo is tons of fun and a great place to see fascinating animals. But not just that there is also serious conservation work happening there. So, if your kid is into animals, and curious about animals this is the right place for your bonding experience. With their experienced staff, there are a lot of education initiatives in their backyard. You can ride the new Soaring Eagle Zipline, tour the Grassmere Historic Home. Swing and climb at the Jungle Gym.

Furthermore, explore beautiful habitats like the new Spider Monkey. Treetop Passage exhibit and guest favorite Kangaroo Kickabout. And most importantly, see animals from around the world like white Rhinoceros, Masai Giraffe, Caribbean Flamingos and many many more. Nashville Zoo is richer for more than 32 cubs since 2009. The interesting thing is that all of their clouded leopard cubs are raised by hand. And like this example here, learn a lot of fun facts about animals. So go out there and have an adventure.  When we talk about animals, here are some Pet-friendly attractions in Nashville to consider too.

Kid-friendly places in Nashville: It does not get better than Children theater

The longstanding children’s theater was founded in 1931 with the belief that all children deserve a cultural heritage. We couldn’t agree more, which is why this wonderful arts organization is one of our favorite Music City stops for families. You can share amazing moments together. Moreover, their talented actors dedicate themselves fully to their roles. That results in plays worthy of admiration from both younger and more mature audience.

The new black box theater and facilities, built from a hugely successful capital campaign.  That significantly improved the guest experience with impressive amenities like a “Comfort Room”.  Ticket prices for each production are usually 15 dollars for youth and 20 dollars for adults. Create fond memories that you will remember and laugh about with your kids. We trust it is worth the price. So make sure to visit and have a good time.

Nashville offers more than just a few kids activities to consider taking your kid to. So if you are close to checking moving estimate Nashville, know that you are making a good decision. Your kids can have some educational and fun time to remember, while all of you enjoy your new city. Also, you and your kids will create memories that will last well into their adulthood. Not just that but with proper activities like ones listed here, you kids can grow up with fond memories from their childhood. Not just glancing at phones and Internet.


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