October 2, 2019

Nashville’s Top Restaurants to Visit this Fall (2019) Edition

Nashville's top restaurant with burgers

Ah, Nashville. The city of music. Many aspiring musicians dream of coming to Nashville to kick start their careers. It is the place where dreams come true. However, to start working on your music career, you first need to take care of your basic needs. The most important human need of all is eating. And let us tell you, Nashville is an amazing place to be when it comes to restaurants! In this article, we will delve deep into the city’s best places to eat and list you some of Nashville’s top restaurants to visit this spring. Let the exploration of Nashville’s food map begin!

Pelican & Pig

This one is located in East Nashville on 1010 Gallatin Avenue. Owned by Nick and Audra Guidry, they really outdid themselves both on the appearance and the delicious plates they offer. Many of their meals are prepared on wooden grills. When you decide to come here, you will see that the restaurant is divided into, the main dining room, the bar, and the chef’s table. You can enjoy your meal wherever you want and feel that it will be the best accommodation for you. Some of their specialties are 6-day sourdough with seasonal butter, Brussels Caesar, beets with coconut cheese, and shrimp and grits. And all of those dishes are amazing. Just make sure to leave some room for dessert afterward. This is a great way to unwind after visiting one of the most popular music festivals in Nashville!

Green Pheasant

Green Pheasant is a great choice if you want some Asian cuisine. Japanese to be more specific. The whole city is talking about this restaurant! It is located on 215 1st Ave S in Downtown Nashville, and it is the perfect place if you are tired of your regular recipes. The food options mostly focus on teishoku. This is a traditional Japanese “set meal” and it includes a main dish, miso soup, tsukemono, rice, and daily sides. The main dish is, of course, your choice, but the side dishes are mostly standard.

Their most popular dinner dish is the Tennessean trout prepared in a traditional Japanese way and served with steamed buns and slaw as well as Okonomiyaki. The Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake made with smoked ham, bacon, potatoes, and scallops. Certainly one of Nashville’s top restaurants! It may even be worth to come from Columbia to Nashville just because of this great food place. Ask some moving companies Nashville TN to see what do they offer. They may even recommend the Green Pheasant!

Sunda New Asian

Another addition to Nashville’s top restaurants is another Asian restaurant. This time we will take a trip through the whole of Southeast Asia. If you are not sure which national cuisine you wish to eat, but just know that you want Asian, this is the place for you. The meals range from Japanese and Chinese, to Vietnamese and Thai. Their most famous meals are crispy Brussels sprouts and oxtail pot stickers. Other than that they are known for their garlic crab noodles, and “crazy rice”. Crazy rice is basically rice filled with delicacies such as lobster, shrimp, or chicken, with some spicy sambal sauce on top.

This restaurant is located in the Gulch which is one of Nashville’s hottest areas. Make sure to book early if you chose this one as one of Nashville’s top restaurants.

Bourbon Steak

If you are more of a steak person, then Bourbon Steak has got you covered. The owner, Michael Mina is a renowned cookbook author, and we really like what he did with the place. He must’ve read our Home redecoration tips article! The restaurant is located on the 34th floor of the new JW Hotel, and it offers amazing panoramic views of the whole city. Their steaks are one of the best in the city, even though Nashville is brimming with them. Other than beef steak, they have some options available, such as lobster pot pie and a shellfish platter with oysters, gulf shrimp, lobster, and king crab (cold or broiled). Certainly one of the top steakhouses in Nashville!


Food Network’s celebrity chef, Maneet Chauhan has made her mark in Nashville. By opening one of Nashville’s top restaurants, she introduced an interesting concept. This restaurant is based on Indian street food, served in a very bright and vividly colored room. All of this really adds up to the feeling of being in an Indian Bazaar.

In the Indian language, “chaat” means hand-held, which refers to something like Indian hot dogs. But the options you can choose from are much more delicious and spicier than hot dogs. They offer roasted buttered chicken (called The O.G.), the cauliflower masala (called “Go be awesome”), a chicken kabob with Indian Spices, or potato stuffed peppers (called Just Chili’n). Their food is even more delicious than their creative names for different foods. You may even play a game in which you estimate the deliciousness of a certain meal compared to how creative the name is. Just like you can get a precise moving estimate Nashville if you decide to move here!

Tavern at Bobby

Most of the aforementioned restaurants feature dinner menus only. However, we will now present you one that offers a full day menu. Located at the lobby of the Bobby Hotel, this amazing restaurant offers a wide variety of meals to choose from. For breakfast, you can treat yourself with a blueberry and lemon pancakes or the ratatouille omelet. There are many seasonal foods added by the chef Jeff Axline which include duck confit with artichokes and charred carrots and braised rabbit rigatoni with turnips, golden beets, and mushrooms.

When you move to Music City, you will realize that having brunch is a big deal here. One of the favorite brunch meals in one of the Nashville’s top restaurants is brussels sprouts covered with in a chili-bacon syrup and scattered with bacon pieces. If your mouth does not water when you hear this, it probably will after the first bite.


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