December 12, 2018

Top outdoor activities in Nashville

A woman jogging, which is one of the best outdoor activities in Nashville.

What is it that makes one place a home? It is that feeling of belonging you get while walking down the streets of your city. If you are an outdoorsy person, whose idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is exploring the natural beauty, then you will feel right at home in Nashville. This city is filled with opportunities for those who love adventure, and for those who prefer peaceful afternoon strolls in the park. After reading about the following outdoor activities in Nashville, we have no doubt that hiring a residential moving company to move you to Nashville will be on the very top of your to-do list! 

Nashville Shores

Ask any Nashville resident about the summer temperatures in this city and they will tell you that surviving them is not easy at times. Sometimes, the effect of the scorching hot temperatures can only be lessened by taking a dip in the water. Luckily for you, and all the other people in this city, you have Nashville Shores at your disposal. This water park features all sorts of summer fun you can imagine. From thrilling slides to pools and a lazy river, you will find something to suit your tastes and preferences. In case you don’t feel like leaving the city for your summer vacation, Move On – Nashville suggests you consider this water park as your summer destination. Nashville Shores features twenty deluxe lakeside cabins. They will ensure your summer vacation is fun, adventuristic and, at the same time, luxurious.

Two girls swimming in a pool.

Centennial Park

In case you don’t feel like straying too far from downtown Nashville, you always have Centennial Park at your disposal. This park spreads over a vast space, that contains a lake and waterside paths that attract visitors. As you can imagine, you can do all sorts of activities, just like you can in every other park across the United States. Whether you decide to:

  • go jogging;
  • take your pets for a walk;
  • do fitness exercises;
  • or have a picnic,

…then Centennial Park is the right place for you in Nashville. What makes this park one of the best outdoor activities in Nashville is the fact that you can also attend or participate in Shakespeare in the Park performances. Finally, there are a lot of music festivals that take place in Centennial Park. So, you pretty much have a lot of different activities in one place.

Nashville Farmer’s Market

In this age we live in, fast food has become a staple of our eating habits. And it shouldn’t be, as our organism needs fruit and vegetables as fuel. If the health of your family is important to you, then you need to wake up early and head over to Nashville Farmer’s Market. You can buy local produce for affordable prices, and you can chat with your neighbors about the weather and weekly happenings. And, Nashville Farmer’s Market would not be one of the best outdoor activities in Nashville were fresh produce all it had to offer.

This farmers market differs in a way that it offers a chance to try out diverse cuisines. From Jamaican to Mexican and everything in between, you can rest assured your stomach will be full after paying a visit to Nashville’s Farmer’s Market.

Vegetables and pasta on the counter.

Warner Parks

If you truly want to experience the beauty of Nashville, all you have to do is visit Warner Parks. Acting as the city’s version of Central Park, this place is full of options and completely free. If you were on the lookout of the best free things to do in Nashville, you have found your number one destination! This place has nearly 3000 acres of forest land, that is located just outside downtown Nashville. It means you have a natural oasis at the palm of your hands. Whether you are having a bad day or just feel like breathing in the fresh air, Warner Parks is the place where you can get lost without ever leaving the city. And that’s far from all this park has to offer!

  • There is an 11-mile winding road which is perfect for cyclists and joggers equally. 
  • You have a dog park where you can let your pet roam freely while socializing with other pet owners.
  • Warner Parks even features a golf course, which is one of the best outdoor activities in Nashville, and worldwide.

There really isn’t much to think about anymore. The reason why people are populating Nashville is precisely the places such as Warner Parks. There is much more to life than work and, sometimes, you just need a place with a good view to help you unwind. 

Mountain scenery.

How to enjoy the best outdoor activities in Nashville?

You should always do what feels right at the time. In case you are a loner, who likes to be independent and do everything by themselves, go take a bicycle ride at Warner Parks. On the other hand, if you love being around people, go visit some of the best live music events such as the ones you can find at Centennial Park. Whatever you do, make sure you do it willingly and in high spirits.

Finally, always adjust to the season. In case you visit the Nashville Shores during cold weather, you won’t exactly share our opinion that it is one of the best outdoor activities in Nashville. And if you are a newcomer to the capital of Tennessee, congratulations! You have a lot of work in front of you; you have to visit all of the places from our list. It is a shame we didn’t get a chance to mention other good places in Nashville. But there is just so much that can fit into one article!


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