March 4, 2019

Best playgrounds in Nashville

Nashville at night

The happiness of their children is the most important thing in the life of parents. And where are our children the happiest? You probably thought of being in the family circle. But besides that, the place where our kids are the happiest, where they are free and play with their friends are – playgrounds! If you want to spend fun and quality time with your kids, take them to the playground. In case you are from those lucky ones living in Nashville, you have a wide range of playgrounds! If you are willing to explore new places to entertain your kids, check out our best playgrounds in Nashville, and book the next weekend for the playground you chose! 

Nashville parks Parthenon

 Best playgrounds in Nashville starters: Fannie Mae Dees Park – aka Dragon Park 

While searching for the best playgrounds in Nashville, this is certainly among the first playgrounds you’ve heard about. This is maybe the most popular park among families living in Nashville. It’s also known as a Dragon Park because of its famous dragon mosaic sculpture in its center. This outdoor playground offers a wide range of activities for all ages. A variety of play areas, branches, arts, slides, swings, tunnels and green areas, attract everyone in this city. It’s located two blocks from Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, so if you have something to do at doctor’s, this is an ideal place to spend some time while waiting

 Cumberland Park  

If you like a more modern playground, where you would enjoy to visit with kids or friends, then Cumberland Park is a great place for you. It has an innovative and modern design, which is decorated with a cool splash pad, playgrounds, places for rest and walk your dogs. The most exciting part of this playground is a big water area with splashes so if you’re taking your kids there just make sure you bring their swimsuits! If your kids like exploring and adrenaline activities, this playground offers a stone climbing wall, with embedded rocks and fossils. Definitely one of the best playgrounds in Nashville. 

cumberland park best playgrounds in nashville

 Nashville-West Shopping Center Playground  

Sometimes besides entertainment for us and our kids, we are looking for best playgrounds in Nashville where we can spend some time during waiting for something. One of the favorite places for all fathers in this city is the Nashville-West Shopping Center Playground. It’s well known that women are big fans of shopping. But a large number of men don’t like it and prefer to spend time relaxing outside. Well, this place is great for both! Playground around the shopping center is a really awesome idea, and you can see lots of fathers and kids hanging out as well as other people resting after shopping. You can find food and drink spots here to refresh. And guess what’s cool too? Parking is free every day! If you’re waiting for movers Nashville to relocate your things, this is a great place to spend time during your residential move

 McCabe Playground  

If you are a great fan of sports activities and you like to have fun that way, then McCabe Playground is a place you’re going to love! This is not so huge play area but it offers a lot of fun. It’s a dog-friendly and safe place with plenty of seating to enjoy your day. But if you like golf, this is a great place cause it contains the McCabe Golf Course at the community center. It also contains two ball-fields, ample parking, and a playground area. Totally one of the best playgrounds in Nashville.

Sevier Park 

Another amazing playground in Nashville is Sevier Park. The size of this park is large and it’s cool for all ages! It’s also a dog-friendly place with plenty of parking lots, so you don’t have to worry about these things. You have tennis courts, soccer ball areas, playgrounds and beautiful scenery with lots of beautiful trees and plants. Kids especially adore this place, since there is no limit when it comes to the fun here! 

Woodmont Park  

Woodmont Park is located on Estes in Green Hills that is appropriate for parents and kids age. It’s also a dog-friendly park, safe and relaxing place where you’ll feel stressful and happy just enjoying the view. Besides that, you can use tennis courts, basketball courts and lots of playgrounds. Also, long walking paths and areas where you can ride a bicycle or rollerblades. Moving to Nashville might just be the decision you are proud of.  Great fun is assured for all ages and you must check it! 

Stadium in Nashville as one of the best playgrounds in Nashville

Well, what are you saying, a lot of amazing playgrounds, right? Do you already have your favorite? We are sure you do it. We believe that you’re not wrong whoever you choose. You’re going to love it, and your kids too! Now it’s only left to choose the day and go to have some fun! This article is to show you just some of the family activities and picnics you can visit. Be sure to visit any of these and see for yourself what we discuss here. Nashville is a center for music, healthcare, publishing banking, and transportation industries. Plus it is home to numerous colleges and universities such as.  Tennessee State University, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, Fisk University, and Lipscomb University.  So all in all it is a great place to raise your family.


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