February 26, 2019

Guide for shipping furniture cross-country

shipping furniture cross-country

Once you decided to move to another city or state, you need to start planning your move. This process has a lot of details, and it is more complicated and more expensive as you are moving far away. To move your home, you need to do all the packing, and prepare your furniture for shipping. Finding the right furniture moving company is tricky, too, because you need to trust them with all your furniture. Therefore, we prepared a guide on shipping furniture cross-country so you can be ready for such an adventure.

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First things first – start planning in advance

Shipping furniture cross-country requires a lot of organization and making the right decisions. That’s why you shouldn’t do it in a rush. If possible, plan everything in advance, so you have enough time to do the packing, choose the right shipping company, etc.

Know what you are shipping

Any moving company will ask you the details of the items you’re shipping. So be prepared in advance and check the weight and size of your items. You can check the average furniture sizes online and get the idea of your moving costs. However, it is better to know the exact size, so be sure to measure and write the details down, especially for the bigger and heavier items. Furthermore, be sure to have the list of boxes/items you are moving, like an inventory list. It will be easier to arrange the shipping and unpack later on.

Determine the budget and calculate the costs

To avoid spending too much money, determine a certain moving budget. Also, be sure to get the idea of your moving costs beforehand. You can always get a free estimate – but remember, it is just a rough idea of your moving costs. Contact your moving company and ask them about the details. The shipping costs depend on the weight and size of your items, but also on the pickup and delivery zip codes.

Find the trustworthy shipping company

To make sure you have no problems during the move and shipping furniture cross-country, you need to hire one of the moving companies Spring Hill TN. It is important to hire somebody you can trust because shipping your valuable furniture is a big deal. An experienced and reputable moving company will load your items fast and safe, and you will not have to risk your health and stress about it.

Start packing early

To do the packing right, and make sure that shipping furniture cross-country goes the right way, you need to pack early. Of course, start with the things you don’t use frequently, and work toward the everyday items. Use your items list to make sure you don’t forget anything!

The less you move with you, the less you pay

You don’t really need to bring everything with you. Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated items you actually don’t use or need anymore. That’s why it is important to declutter your home and get rid of the items you don’t want to bring with you. This way, shipping furniture cross-country will be cheaper. Furthermore, you will have fewer items to pack – which means saving energy and time. If you are not sure if you need to bring a certain item, be sure to consider the following questions.

Do you really need and use it?

Of course, it is difficult to part ways with some items. But be realistic and ask yourself if you really need that item. Maybe you can put it to the better use by giving it away to someone you love, or simply selling them on eBay or Craigslist.

Will it fit into my new home?

Be sure to compare the floor plans and sizes of your old and new home. If you have less space in your new home, consider leaving some items behind. Also, be sure to check the width of your new doors, and see if that piece of furniture will be able to go through.

Can you replace it?

Some basic items can be easily replaced. You can always sell some of the items, and then buy new ones when you arrive at your new home.

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Packing tips for shipping furniture cross-country

Disassemble as many items as possible

It can be tiring and complicated to do this, but it is a very important tip for shipping furniture cross-country. If your items are compact (especially chairs, tables, bed frames), you will avoid damage during transport. Of course, be sure to take a picture of your items before you disassemble them (or take some notes), so it is easier to put everything back again. Same goes with packing computers and TVs – label the cables so you put them back easier later.

Protect the corners of your furniture

Of course, you can wrap your tables, wardrobes, shelves, etc. But the corners of these items often stick out and can be damaged easily. Be sure to protect them with special corners protectors or pieces of cardboard or cloth.

Extra protect the fragile items

When packing fragile/antique items, you need to be extra careful. However, don’t overdo it, since too much wrapping can actually damage it. Also, be sure to inform moving companies Gallatin TN about your valuables, so they can be extra careful when moving companies Gallatin TN so they can be extra careful when shipping furniture cross-country.

Find good quality boxes and label them

To ship your items safely, be sure to find quality moving boxes and use good packing supplies. It is very important to write down what’s inside each box. Label all your items so it is easier to unpack later, and your items can be stored properly during transport.

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Pack the boxes wisely

Packing is not just randomly throwing the items inside a box. Be sure to put heavier items on the bottom, and lighter on the top. Furthermore, never overfill the boxes. They will be too heavy to carry, and items can be easily damaged.


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