March 23, 2019

Guide for moving during rainstorms

lightning striking water

You thought that scheduling your move a few months in advance will do you good. It may have helped with the whole preparation process, but then something unexpected happens. It starts raining on moving day! Oh, the horror! But, do not sway from your plan. Everything had gone perfectly up to now, and this is not the time to stop. You need to persevere through this problem and carry on with your relocation. The movers are here, so what should you do now? In this article, we will talk about moving during rainstorms, steps to take and what to avoid. Conducting your move will feel right as rain after reading this!

moving during rainstorms can pose problems
Rain can cause many issues on your moving day

Gather all your boxes inside

You probably took out some of the boxes outside of your home so you can put them in the moving truck without much effort. Well, this plan went awry. Be quick to swiftly gather all the boxes and put them inside the house. This will save the items from the damage the water would have done. Now you can start thinking of ways to cover the boxes and provide proper protection from the elements. Consider using garbage bags to wrap the boxes. This is a very cost efficient way of taking care of the rain problem. If you have a lot of larger, bulkier items, you should use something like plastic wrap. This should be enough to protect the wood and other material from the rain. Another way to use garbage bags is to put clothes with hangers inside them. Put the clothes inside, and then poke a hole at the hook, so you can grab it, and avoid getting the clothes wet when moving during rainstorms.
Take the boxes and all of your other belongings and put them by the door that is closest to the truck. If this is the garage, then so be it. Move everything to the garage door, to avoid prolonged exposure to the rain.

Prepare for a rainy moving day!

If you prepare for a rainy moving day, everything will be a lot easier. Making organization is the key to success, and that applies to moving as well. If you are well enough organized, you will be able to anticipate such a problem, and provide yourself with possible solutions. Buy the packing supplies you may need in the case of this unfortunate event. These packing supplies include mattress pads, industrial plastic covers, and other items to help you move in rain. These supplies will make moving during rainstorms a lot easier.

wet road
Wet roads may be enough to convince your movers to reschedule

Prepare your new home

You should definitely do this, but there is one more thing before that. You need to prepare your old home for a rainy day move too! Put towels and blankets around the doors to avoid bringing the water inside, and also get some plastic tarps to put on the floor leading up to your belongings that need to be taken out. You should also do the same in your new home, to avoid getting it dirty even before you even moved in. Residential movers Nashville are well prepared for your rainy day move, and will probably suggest something like this. Heed their advice, moving during rainstorms is their specialty! They are professionals after all.

Make an assembly line

This is a great way to increase efficiency in a dire situation such as this. You should have one person standing inside the house at all times, and handing out boxes to a person that is carrying them to the truck. Then, the person inside the truck will take the box away from the one that carries them from house to truck. This will increase the speed of your move, and also reduce the dirt you bring into your house. Increased speed of packing the truck will also reduce the risk of damaging your belongings. You should also check the truck for leaks. There is a possibility that the movers have an old truck. With Belle Meade movers that will never be the case, but you can never be to certain. If the truck is leaking, that means potential damage to your belongings. Look for signs of leaks before loading the truck. It will save you from a world of trouble.

rain on window
Rainfall may obscure the driver’s vision

Prepare your rain gear

Make sure to wear protective clothing. This way you will save yourself from getting wet when moving during rainstorms. This includes rain coats, shoes with good traction and gloves. Shoes with good traction are very important because they can prevent you from slipping while carrying heavy boxes. Do not get injured during your move. Moving should be a fun and happy, although stressful experience, not a painful one!

Arriving at your new home

When you arrive to your new home, the unpacking is about to unfold. You need to be swift. Unpack everything quickly. There is a probability that some of the boxes got wet during transportation. This is why unpacking swiftly is a must. If you take the items outside of the wet boxes, there is a higher chance that they will get damaged further. It will also help you with arranging your new home if you unpack as soon as you arrive.

Just reschedule

According to a study by the United States Department of Transportation, more than 60% of weather-related accidents occur in rainstorm conditions. It even surpassed snow when it comes to the sheer amount. If you can be flexible enough to just reschedule the move, that is a great option. Yes, it will expensive to reschedule the move, or even hire another moving company, but it is probably better to play it safe than go against the statistics that which odds are against you. Moving during rainstorms is dangerous, especially if there is a lot of lightning. It is very unpredictable and you can never know what may happen. A positive thing that can happen in this situation, is that the moving company recognizes the danger of moving during a rainstorm, and just reschedule the move themselves. If this happens, you are in luck. However this situation turns out, we wish you luck during your move!


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