April 6, 2019

Cold weather shipping risks

tree covered in snow next to a road

Moving can be tough. All the questions you need to ask and answer. All the things that you need to do. Many plans may seem easy but when it comes the time to execute them, you fall short. Is your budget big enough to sustain your move? You need to answer all of these questions before you even start making a plan. The budget may be the most important thing to you when it comes to moving. That is why you have probably decided to hire a moving company during the offseason. The main moving season lasts from May to September, and it is the most expensive period as well. Shipping in the colder months can reduce your expenses by a huge margin. So, let us delve in depth about cold weather shipping risks!

cold weather shipping risks are plentiful
Winter is beautiful but harsh

What are the cold weather shipping risks?

When you decide to move during the cold months, you will soon realize that packing and moving are not as easy as you thought it would be. It will last for a while, especially if you are well organized. Though good organization can improve your long distance moving experience, it can also make the move feel more drawn out. Creating an ultimate checklist and hiring reliable Franklin movers will do wonders for you. This way you will be ready for all the problems that are ahead of you, and think of possible solutions in time.
A big concern when shipping during cold weather is how do your items react to the cold. If you have a well thought of a plan, you will be ready to move with enough swiftness to avoid the cold doing damage to your belongings. This is also due to the fact that the day lasts shorter during the colder months than it does in the summer months. Moving in both dark and cold is ill-advised and should be avoided.

car on a snowy road
Items react to cold differently, so be prepared!

It is time to delve deeper into what cold weather shipping risks are and what are the best solutions for them.

Get the right packing materials!

This is an absolute must. Getting the right packing supplies will reduce or completely eliminate cold weather shipping risks. So you have probably already read something about moving and packing. Take all the packing advice and supplies you can, and then double the amount! Yes, double! Get more Styrofoam and blankets to wrap your electronics in. You should also get some more packing paper. Another important thing to get is nylon covers. They will protect your belongings from the rain and snow.
The floor is probably wet from walking in and out of the house, taking all the boxes from your house to the truck. You can avoid this by using nylon covers and putting them in the entrance hallway of your house. It is also a good idea to keep your boxes in the room that is closest to the door. You can even use blankets or plastic wrap to cover your boxes while you are taking them from the house to the truck.

The packing process

The destruction of your valuable possessions is imminent if you do not follow certain guidelines. However, we are here for you and you shall not falter. A professional furniture moving company would take the utmost precautions to protect your belongings. We have already mentioned that different items react differently to lower temperatures. You should have this in mind when packing, and pack everything more carefully. Firstly, take everything that contains water inside and empty it fully. This is important because the water inside may freeze and cause damage to inside components. When you do that, get the right sized boxes that fit just right. For more insurance, put in some Styrofoam or old blankets in order to limit the space for tumbling inside the box.


This should be done for electronics as well. Get some old blankets and Styrofoam, and wrap everything well. If it fits inside the box perfectly, then you have done a good job packing. Another important thing to remember is to leave the electronics to settle back to room temperature before plugging them in. A day should be enough. Another tip related to electronics but not strictly related to cold weather shipping risks is to snap a picture of the wiring. This will help you a lot when you are unpacking and plugging your electronics back in.
Get all your wooden furniture and disassemble what you can. This will make it possible for you to wrap and specially pack each part. When it comes to your glassware and dishware, put in some extra packing supplies there as well and you are good to go. The most important thing is to get the right sized boxes. This will make your Galatin movers‘ job, as well as yours, much easier! The movers will be able to stack boxes in a perfect order to fill as much space as possible in the truck. This will also prevent tumbling inside the truck, and thus, further damage!

Warm clothes to avoid injury

Also, make sure to get gloves and warm clothes for yourself. This will prevent injury that can be caused by sharp edges of boxes or other items that you are moving. Add some salt on the walkways as well in order to avoid slipping. Moving injuries are common and should not be underestimated. Better safe than sorry!

You should prepare yourself for surprises

One of these surprises is your company canceling your appointment in the last minute. Do not panic! There are still ways to go around this. There are some moving companies that offer last-minute moves. However, these can be more expensive, so do not use up all of your moving budgets. Another possible problem is the weather worsening even more. A blizzard is likely to happen and it is extremely unsafe to move during one. You do not want a truck full of belongings slipping off the road. If you are really adamant on moving through the blizzard, your movers will probably tell you that it is not possible. They are seasoned professionals and know what are the cold weather shipping risks and do everything to avoid them. This is good for your belongings, as well as their equipment.

road between lines of trees
You do not want the truck to get stuck in a blizzard

With all this said, be prepared and good luck with your move!


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