October 27, 2017

Moving Long Distance? You Need A Long Distance Moving Service

Stacks of moving boxes

There are one of two categories you fall under. Either you have experienced hiring a long distance moving service in the past and know a few things to look for. Or you are hiring for the first time and have no clue where to start, what questions to ask, or which company to go with. Hopefully, our time and knowledge gathered as a moving company in Nashville will help give you some basic understanding of the process.

First off, be prepared. Two of the biggest complaints and concerns we hear; “What is your process for damage claims?” and “When will I expect to receive delivery?” Companies who are affiliated with Van Lines and Van Lines themselves operate by combining multiple moves into one truck. This means you are not their only customer on that particular run (unless you have very large amount of stuff). They will have multiple stops sometimes before getting to your location. This results in a window of when you will receive delivery. The window could be a few days or weeks. Typically you are notified at a later date, once other moves have been completed, when you will receive all of your belongings. If you are moved by a Van Line, they have help loading the truck by company employees and then one driver hits the road. Once they reach their destinations, they have local help that more than likely they know little about, help unload your items. They pay their help cash and go on their way. When dealing with a long distance moving service, damages can be an absolute nightmare to get resolved. Quite often you will never get the results you hope for. Knowing a company’s policy on insurance and damages is very important before choosing a company. We will always recommend you doing some due diligence and researching online reviews of companies before making a decision. The internet tells all!

Another question you need to ask, and possibly the most important is, “Is the price you quoted me a flat rate or can it fluctuate.” We have heard horror stories of a truck pulling up to someone’s house and the mover(s) demanding thousands more because of x, y, z excuse. And then holding the items hostage until they are paid. As the Nashville movers that we are, we don’t agree with this.

There are times when going with a Van Line can be cheaper. But almost every time you will be sacrificing quality. Finding a local company with a good reputation that is not affiliated with a Van Line will produce a more personal and quality experience. Move On is dedicated to quality and satisfaction. If something is damaged, we take care of it. We set a delivery window down to the hour of the desired delivery date. Our customers can have peace of mind with their personal items and will be able to plan exactly when they will be moving into their new residence. You can even speak with our drivers when they are on their way to check in if you wish. Hiring a quality company such as Move On will give you a completely different experience. An experience that will allow you to enjoy the service of having someone else move your belongings, rather than being terrified at the results.

A breadth of long distance moving services in Nashville exist. A good first step besides checking online reviews is simply talking with your realtor and getting a good referral of packing services and moving companies. As long as you cover your bases, you should have a great experience and your getting settled in will be that much easier.


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