September 17, 2018

Makings of a high-quality moving company

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Moving away from everything you are used to is already difficult enough. You need to organize your life from scratch all over again. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit down and discouraged by all the work ahead of you. The least you can do for yourself is hire a Nashville moving company with competence and will to turn the process of moving into a pleasant experience. But what are the makings of a high-quality moving company? Find out how to choose a good mover and avoid potential stress and trouble in the turbulent period of relocation.

It’s important to know what to focus on when looking for with a local moving company in Nashville. The market is constantly growing, but in the abundance of opportunities, you need to learn how to make the right choice. There are features that can help you distinguish between a competent company and a less desirable one. To that end, we made a list of the most important assets of a high-quality moving company:

  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Punctuality
  • Range of services
  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Good customer service
  • Proper care and equipment


First things first. Avoid potential scams by choosing a reliable mover. A reliable mover provides all the contact info you need and answers your call within working hours. They do their business transparently and you can find details of their work online. It would be best to get recommendations from the people you know and trust, but this is not always possible. If you don’t have anyone with experience in moving, you can rely on recommendations which can be found online. The satisfaction of previous customers tells a lot about a moving company.


Choosing an affordable mover does not mean that you should hire the cheapest company you can find. A high-quality moving company is the one that tells you what to expect within your budget. Their services are affordable, but not always cheap. However, they offer you the possibility to negotiate about the services and their prices. This way, you will be able hire professional help and still remain within your budget. Affordability is definitely an asset that should rank high on your priority list.


Needless to say, a high-quality mover has to respect deadlines. Wasting time means wasting money, and not only a customer’s money. If a company fails to stick to a schedule, they are losing both customers and their own income. Respecting deadlines and schedule is especially important if you want to organize a quality long distance move. The same goes for office relocation. Just imagine moving your business and letting down your clients because of an unreliable mover breaking deadlines.

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Range of Services

You have your own way of doing things. However, if you want to avoid a headache and poor organization, the best option would probably be to rely on a good mover to do most of the work. A high-quality mover generally has a range of services to offer and you can choose the ones that suit your needs. Are you relocating your home or office? Do you need packing services and materials? Check their services online or call the agent to discuss your needs. A good mover will find the time to tell you all you need to know about their services.

A drawing of two professional movers packing a vase and a lamp into a box.


A professional company needs to own the license for its line of work. The type of certification depends on the state where the company is located. However, if a mover owns the license, you may rest assured that the services it offers will be performed professionally and without delay. Insurance is another major aspect of a professionally conducted moving business. A high-quality moving company has to offer some sort of insurance for the belongings you hand over to their staff. If unexpected circumstances occur, you’ll know that damage will be covered to the extent specified in the insurance.


When you’re moving for the first time, you have no idea what you’re dealing with. It’s hard to decide what kind of vehicle to use and how many vehicles you need, not to mention the number of boxes and other packing material. However, a high-quality mover can tell you what to expect in advance, so that you wouldn’t have to pull your hair when bills start coming in. You can get a free estimate online, or even better, call the agent to come to your place and explain everything in detail. If you give precise information on your belongings, the number of rooms and location, a good mover will also be able to give you a precise estimate of the moving costs.

Good customer service is one of many characteristics of a high-quality moving company

Professional, polite and helpful – these are the qualities you are looking for when hiring a mover. For a quality moving company, customer satisfaction is at the top of its priority list. It’s perfectly normal to ask everything you need to know about the moving process, costs and the time it takes and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. A polite agent will always find the time and energy to discuss all these issues with you. A good mover is the one that is ready to adapt to your requirements and fulfill your needs.

Women with headphones, smiling and working as call agents. - high-quality moving company has some

Proper care and equipment

Last but not least, a desirable moving company needs to have the appropriate equipment and means to conduct the relocation business smoothly and professionally. A pool of vehicles and adequate storage space guarantee that your belongings will be transported and stored in the best possible manner. More importantly, a good mover will offer you the services of highly-trained staff who know how to handle all those items in your home that require special care. You may rest assured knowing that skilled movers will treat the sensitive items of furniture and other fragile pieces with proper care and knowledge.


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