January 26, 2022

How to Pack Musical Instruments for Relocation

A piano

Aspiring musicians move to Nashville all the time. With access to music industry professionals, world-class recording studios, collaboration with other musicians, and opportunities to perform at famous local venues, it’s no secret that Music City is the place to be if you want to make it big.

However, most instruments need some extra TLC during the moving process. Before you can start a potential career here, your musical instruments need to make it in one piece. That’s why our Nashville moving professionals have put together a few quick tips on how to pack up your instruments safely for relocation.


When moving a piano in Nashville, be sure to secure every piece needs to be secured well before moving (legs, pedals, lid, music racks, etc.). Our biggest piece of advice? Don’t move a piano by yourself. Trust us on this one. Pianos weigh far too much for one person to handle it by themselves. Consider hiring a team of experienced moving professionals to help! The right crew will know how to pack ‘em up and move them safely, giving you less of a headache when moving day comes around.

At Move On, we’re experts at piano moving. We securely pack your instrument and add any precautionary protective materials to your floor, walls, and doorways to ensure a safe carry-out. As the piano moves onto our truck, our crew will strap the piano in place to ensure it stays in one spot during transport. When we get to your Nashville home, our crew will unload the piano and make sure it’s placed safely where you need it to be.


Guitars, violins, basses, cellos. The list of stringed instruments goes on and on! Even if you’re not moving, these types of instruments already need plenty of care and maintenance. After all, no one wants a string to snap on them while they’re on stage.

If you don’t already have one, purchase a hard case for your instrument. It can be a tremendous help in preventing damages. When it’s time to move, fill the rest of the case up gently with wrapping paper, not packing peanuts! Packing peanuts can find their way into your instrument and lodge themselves in there. You’ll also want to loosen the instrument’s strings to prevent expansion and contraction damage.



Drums are the easiest instruments to pack. Start with a box larger than the instrument itself to pack them up well. Make sure you purchase plenty of packing supplies that provide cushioning, like packing peanuts and wrapping paper.

Remove the rims and heads, then nest the drums into the boxes—and be sure to add an extra layer of paper on the bottom of the box before putting them inside! Pack up any smaller pieces (tension rods, hardware, sticks, etc.) separately in a plastic bag that can easily close. Wrap the legs and spurs into their own protective cushioning.

Woodwinds & Brass

The way you move woodwind or brass instruments is a bit more complex than other instruments. Rather than keeping them in one piece, these instruments need to be taken apart. Already have a case? Fantastic! Pack them up in the case like you normally would and you’re good to go. Don’t have a case or can’t find where you last placed it? Wrap every part of the instrument so they’re well protected. Using packing peanuts or towels when placing them in a box can also help minimize the damage.

Hopefully that helps you get your gear to your new Nashville home in pristine condition! Did we mention we’re a local Nashville company? We know just how important the music industry is here. With Move On, your instruments are in good hands. Get a free quote from us today!


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