November 28, 2018

How to get precise moving quotes?


If there is one thing we all know about moving is that this is not a cheap nor an easy endeavor. Even the smallest of moves require detailed planning, time-consuming shopping for packing supplies, and tedious packing itself. Since no one has any spare money for throwing away, people usually need to know how much they can expect to pay for their relocation. What we here at Move On – Nashville Movers always tell them is that the only way to estimate their costs is by asking for moving quotes Nashville TN. Every half-decent moving company will have no troubles providing you with an accurate estimate, so make sure this is the first thing you do when browsing for reputable movers.

Why do you need moving quotes Nashville TN?

Moving quotes were not invented for no reason. In fact, they do little to nothing for the company itself, but do everything for the person that is moving. Whether you are going through a commercial move or residential relocation, one thing won`t change – the fact that you will need to be financially capable to handle the move. There is a chance you will have to spend some of your time trying to save money and skipping night outs with your friends. The only way to know how much money you must save up is by contacting moving companies and requesting moving quotes.

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Are all types of moving quotes the same?

Of course not. When dealing with movers, there are a few ways you will be able to get a moving quote. While every price estimate should be accurate, some are more reliable than others.

  • A free online moving quote is something you can get by visiting a moving company`s website. Typically, you will find a moving quote calculator, which everyone can use free of charge. However, there are a lot of faults with this system, as it takes only the most important factors of your move into consideration, disregarding the less important ones.
  • Sometimes, the operator you talk to after calling the company can give you a rough estimate of your costs based on what you tell them.
  • For the most precise moving quotes Nashville TN, request an in-house price estimate.

In-house price estimates

Without a doubt, the most precise way to determine your upcoming expenses will be by requesting an in-house price estimate. The process of getting this type of an estimate is an easy one. The company you choose will send out a relocation agent to your home. It is your duty to make sure someone greets the agent, walks him or her through the house, and explains the details of the upcoming relocation. This is the moment when you will mention whether you will need any packing services in Nashville, help with relocating heavy items and whether you plan on getting all or none of the moving services. Once the agent writes down all of the details of your relocation, you will get a written estimate of the costs. 

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Unless you are dealing with fraudulent movers and moving fraud, the number you see on the estimate will be the one you will end up paying. But, the responsibility of getting an accurate moving quote does not depend solely on your movers – you have a lot of saying in the matter.

Be honest with your movers

You and your movers should make a team, and there is no I in the team. During every moment of your relocation, you will have to be honest with your movers. And, the crucial point of your relocation is now – when you are choosing your movers and requesting moving quotes. Even if a company is the best one on the market, there is not a lot they can do if you withhold information from them.

For example, let`s say you doubt you will need help finding quality moving boxes in Nashville for your move. You don`t voice your doubts on purpose, hoping that the problem will work out on its own. Then, you get a moving estimate and now, a few days before the move, you are stuck. You were not able to find any moving boxes, and have no idea where to begin looking for them. If you are lucky, your movers might be able to help you in the last minute. But, you can rest assured that help will significantly add up to your final bill.

If you didn`t save up, you might have to borrow some money to be able to pay for this additional fee. And, instead of turning over a new leaf, you start your new life with debt hanging over your head. Why would you get yourself in trouble when you can avoid it by being honest?

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Beware of moving fraud

We have already mentioned that moving quotes can help you stay safe during the move. And that is true, as price estimates can reveal more than you know. You should always ask for a couple of moving quotes from different companies. Safety lies in numbers, and this is no exception. When comparing moving quotes Nashville TN, you need to be very thorough. See what the movers are offering, and for what price. If an estimate differs too much from the others in a way that it is much cheaper, don`t fall into temptation and choose that company. Low ball price estimates are the greatest indicators of fraudulent movers!

Finally, deal with moving quotes Nashville TN on time. When making a moving checklist, make sure to include this item and make it a priority. You need to act quickly if you wish to lock in the best movers on the market. Besides, you can always use the additional time to prepare for your move.


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