January 20, 2023

What to Wear on Moving Day

moving day outfit

Picture this: you’re going to lift a box on moving day and you’re wearing an itchy wool sweater, shorts, and flip-flops. Doesn’t sound pleasant at all, huh?

Your outfit can make all the difference on moving day, and knowing what to wear is just as important as making your moving plan. Since you already know the date of the move, prepare a set of clothes a few days beforehand.

Comfortability is key, but knowing the right pieces of clothing to wear can also reduce your risk for injury. Let’s dive into a few of the basics for moving day apparel.

Prepare for the Elements

Obviously, no one can control the weather. But you can control what you wear depending on the weather conditions. Check the weather forecast a day or two before. If it’s raining, wear a raincoat. If it’s a hot Nashville summer day, wear a light shirt, sunglasses, and shorts. If it’s chilly, wear layers that’ll keep you warm but can also be shed if you get too warm.

Choose Protective Footwear

Packing and moving aren’t always the most perfect process. And on moving day itself, you never know what types of accidents might happen. From accidentally stubbing your toe to dropping that heavy box you’re carrying, the best way to avoid potential injuries is to choose the right footwear.

Knock on wood that nothing bad happens. It just always helps to be prepared!

Set aside a pair of closed-toed, comfy shoes that you know you can handle for long periods of time, since you’re most likely going to be on your feet all day. We can’t stress this enough: no flip-flops or open-toed shoes allowed. Seriously.

Bring the Sunscreen

We are no strangers to the intense sun here in Nashville. While you’re moving boxes in and out of your homes, you’re going to want to be protected from the sun’s rays. Apply sunscreen in the morning and continue to reapply throughout the day. As a pro tip, wear sunscreen that’s waterproof so you don’t sweat it off. A pair of sunglasses and a hat can also help!

Pick Clothes with Pockets

Phone. Wallet. Keys. The easiest way to keep track of your important items is by wearing clothes that have pockets—deep pockets, to be exact.

Comfortable Clothing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: comfort is key. Whether you’re someone that likes to wear athletic gear or jeans and a t-shirt, knowing that you’re going to be comfortable in it is going to make all the difference. Pants that allow you to easily bend your knees are preferred, just don’t choose clothing that’s too baggy. And be mindful that something you wear may get ripped or dirty during the day.

Remember, you are a very important part of the moving process. Planning ahead can help reduce the stress a move can bring.


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