February 22, 2019

What to do with leftover cardboard boxes?


So, you are finished with the move! Well done! While you are enjoying your new home, sitting on the porch, drinking coffee or tea, whichever you prefer, a thought comes to your mind. “What should I do with all those leftover cardboard boxes?” Well, worry not, because there is a plethora of ways to repurpose them and give them new life! With a bit of creativity, anything is possible. Creating new items from old boxes will be both fun, and also very useful. You will get rid of the clutter in your new home and also make some interesting items. You can, of course, throw them in the recycling bin, but where is the fun in that? This way your leftover cardboard boxes will be turned into something cool and creative. It will be even better if someone asks you how have you created a specific decoration or item.¬†
You can even get your kids in the project as well! This is useful for them because you are teaching them how to repurpose something just by being creative!
creating someting new from your leftover cardboard boxes

Laundry basket

This is a great way to have something interesting in your bathroom. By putting your cardboard box in the bathroom, and use it as a laundry basket, it can give new flair to it. But, this will not be possible if you do not throw in some decoration on the box! You can create a small washing machine just by using scissors and a marker. Draw each accessory and all the knobs on the box, so it resembles a washing machine. After that cut an opening but leave one part uncut. By doing this you will make a small door which can open and close. Just like on your washing machine! You can also put in a bag so you can take out the dirty clothes more easily. This is a great way to make a creative laundry basket if you do not want to buy new home items just after moving in.

Cardboard photo frame

This is a really creative idea! A very nice way to create a useful item from something you do not need. It is also very customizable, which means you can cut it to accommodate the photos perfectly. This can also be used as a great gift idea. When you are done, put some photos in, and let the frame rest on a cupboard or a table. Well done!

Make a postcard

This is great if you have kids! Cut one of the leftover cardboard boxes into rectangles. Draw lines for your text and a small square for your stamp. Then turn the other side and let your kids draw a masterpiece. If you can draw well, you can even use this as a canvas and let your creativity go wild. When you are done creating your postcard, send it to your friends or family, so they know you arrived to your new home safe and sound!

A house for your pets

If you have a pet, this is a good way to make a new home for it. Your hamster will love it! If your residential movers Nashville want to charge you an additional fee for your pet cage, this is an amazing alternative! You can create a small house inside the cage, or just make a big cardboard house to use instead of a cage if your small friend is allowed to roam free through the house. This is also good if the boxes have some company logos printed on them. Use paint and create a colorful house for your furry friend!

Make shelves

Another very useful idea. Much better than throwing the leftover cardboard boxes away! IKEA is going to hate you! This is an amazing way to diminish the cost of your move. If you do not want to move your big cupboard to your new home, consider creating your own with boxes. It will be a lot cheaper, and also breathe in fresh air into your rooms. It will not be as sturdy as a wooden cupboard, but it can make due until you decide to buy one. Use tape or clips in order to fix the boxes together, and do not be afraid to paint creative designs onto them.

Floor protectors

We all know the pain when you want to move your desk and it leaves a dent in the floor. This can be avoided by putting small cardboard cutouts beneath the legs of your furniture. A cheap and reliable way to save your floor from being damaged.
box with bottles in it

Creating an essentials box

You probably had an essentials box during your move. You know how much time it can save when you know exactly where your scissors or packing paper is. This can be done in your new home as well! Create an all-purpose container, and put in everything you want to know its exact location at every time. You can also use the box as a trash bin, toy box and much more!

Creating a small cardboard guitar

Just by thinking about this you will be amazed how good and creative an idea this is! Cut the leftover cardboard boxes in the shape of a guitar and put wool or another type of strings on it. This can be very useful if your kids want to learn an instrument but their hands are too small for an actual one. They will learn how to hold a guitar and the basics of strumming, even though they cannot play anything on it.

Donate the boxes

If you are not into repurposing the boxes into something new and creative, you can always donate them. Put out a note on your building notice board that you are willing to donate boxes. If there is nobody that wants them, you can always donate them to a moving company. Springfield movers will be happy to take these away from you. Moving companies always have the need for more boxes and this is one of the ways they can acquire them.

Admiring your creativity

When you create something new from your leftover cardboard boxes, take a moment to admire your newly created item. Whether it is a decoration or something practical like a floor protector, it is valuable to you because it is your creation. If nothing else, at least you had fun while you were doing it!


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