March 14, 2019

Tips for cleaning your new home

prepare for cleaning your new home

Many people would agree that moving is really one of the hardest things one faces with during their lifetime. And in most cases, it is true. Actually, much depends on the type of moving. On the other hand, no matter the moving, you should really give your best to prepare as best as possible. But here’s a twist. Once the last box has been unloaded, guess what, that’s not the end of your relocation. Before you can really start enjoying your new house, and start making friends in a new town, you will first need to get done with cleaning your new home. Now, that’s a task no one is looking forward to. Luckily, we have prepared some useful tips can read about in this article.

Making a strategy

making a strategy
No good work can be done without proper planning. That’s the case with this task, as well. So, before you go shopping for cleaning cloths and towels, you will need to inspect your house bottom up. This should give you a proper clue how much cleaning supplies will you need. And just in case, have a little in reserve.
Quick tip: Don’t assume something is clean just because it looks so. You don’t know who lived in the house before you. Even if it’s a newly-built residential facility, you should still give it a proper scrubbing.
And while we know cleaning is not really on the list of ‘fun things to do after the move’, it is inevitable. Therefore, since you know it’s something that needs to be done, do yourself a favor, and do it right away. And as we said, make sure to get enough supplies of cleaning products as this is one of the things you need to buy after you move.

Cleaning your new home needs to be thorough

Just like with every other task in your life, the goal is to accomplish as best as possible soon after moving locally. For every fail, that’s double lost time. Here’s what you should do. In case you are moving to the area of Goodlettsville after your chosen Goodlettsville movers have successfully relocated you to your new home, you shouldn’t wait for a long time, to begin with, a thorough cleaning and tidying up. If you feel it’s better, engage your whole family, or if you have some friends of the family in the new city.

Know where to start from

Step one should be to select a room to start. Since the cleaning process will last for at least a couple of days, we suggest you begin from the bedrooms. After all, it is important to sleep in a clean environment, grime and dust-free. This also means that you should also have clean bedding and duvets. If you know that your bathroom won’t be completely installed, this is something that should have been done before you’re out. It could be a part of your essentials box.

Make a playlist

If you’ve been wondering how to cut time while cleaning, or at least make it as less tiring as you can, well the answer could be in music. Think about making a playlist of your favorite music. Add all the songs of all genres that you feel like listening to. We guarantee you that even cleaning your new home won’t be as boring and tiresome as it might have seemed in the beginning. Our recommendation – choose some upbeat songs to lift your energy up. You’ll see the moment the first accords of your music begin, you’ll feel much more into cleaning the house.
a woman singing while cleaning

Listen to audiobook

Not a big music fan? Never mind that. If you are a book lover, but because you’ll be busy cleaning and doing other post-moving related tasks, you can download some of the most popular audiobooks based on your preferences. Pick a genre and let yourself go to the wonderful world described in the audio. And, by the time, the audio is finished, you’ll realize that you’ve managed to clean everything you planned. Either path you go, it is a great way to switch the focus from a tedious cleaning, scrubbing and rubbing to something that truly fulfills you and makes you feel satisfied.

Dust all the rooms

Perhaps most people start cleaning the floors and rugs first. That’s ok if you’re just maintaining the good state of your home. However, since you’re entering the house for the first time, we do suggest you to check whether there might be some serious quantity of grimes and dust in the corner a room. Then, move on to the windows and ceilings. After you’re done, you will be able to notice the difference. The air will immediately become fresher.
cleaning cloths

It is vacuuming time

When the time for vacuuming comes, that means that you’ve already done a lot of work. We also hope that you’ve mad some breaks during your work. This can be pretty exhausting. The good news is that vacuuming goes faster than dusting and cleaning the windows. On the other hand, it was necessary that you mopped the floors so that you would remove all the dirt.

Moving on to the bathroom

Cleaning your new home also includes cleaning the whole bathroom. This actually stands for every other day, not just post-moving days. Most bathrooms have a lot to clean. You shouldn’t miss the medicine cabinet, all the drawers and shelves there might be. You simply need to leave as much space for your things. However, if you’re trying to cut the moving costs by transporting fewer items, then we hope you had consulted moving estimate Nashville to check how much the whole thing would cost you.

Cleaning the kitchen

Now, this room is also very important. And just like with the bathroom, kitchens need to be clean all the time. Dirty kitchens don’t just look messy, but it might be the cause of some serious illness if the food is being prepared in unhygienic conditions. Therefore, take the appropriate cleaning products and be meticulous with this one.
Once you’re done with cleaning all the rooms, you can finally take a break. And, in case you find necessary to renovate your home, the post-renovation cleaning of your home won’t be a difficult job for you at all.


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