February 28, 2019

How to pick the right school for your kids?

the right school for your kids

The day when your child starts school is probably the most important day in the life of the parents. Not only is this great and emotional experience for the child, but also for parents. Choosing the right school for your kids after a long distance or local move represents one of the most important tasks for parents. This task should be taken seriously and requires more time to devote to it. Therefore, take the time to place your child’s wishes and your wishes on paper. Consider what are important items when choosing the right school for your kids. Whether it’s a private or public school, how far is it from your home, what is the reputation of a school, what are the objects – everything can influence your decision. Before we introduce some tips, keep in mind that you know your child the best. Make sure you listen and understand your child

Talk to your kids 

This is the first and most important step when it comes to choosing the right school for your kids. An understanding between children and parents is the key to the child’s progress. Your children may be small, but they know what they want and what they do not want. Your role is to hear what their wishes and demands are. Of course, you may not be able to fulfill some of the things, if it’s about finances. But do your best to explain why some things are good for them. If your children have friends whose parents have already decided which school they are going to attend, so your children want to go the same as they do, do not react immediately. You might not like that school because it doesn’t have the best reputation, but you should put your child’s happiness in front of it. It’s important for your child to feel comfortable and pleasant at school.  

the right school for your kids

Make a list 

Many things go through your mind, and it’s best to write on paper important ones. Ask your child what kind of school he/she wants. Write also what you are looking for while picking the right school for your kids. If your child likes sports or art, explore which schools offer such activities. Think about whether your child wants an environment that is structured or more flexible? If your child has shown a talent for chemistry or math, check out which schools offer sections to develop these talents. Make a list of top 3 schools and then start researching what they offer. Pay special attention to the teachers who teach and their careers. See which teachers are most motivated to convey knowledge to your children. Ask for the level of security that exists in the school. Get to know everything.  

the right school for your kids

Location for the right school for your kids

Location is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right school for your kids. You will probably first explore the schools closest to where you live. Schools that are closer to your home or work are always a better option. You can come by car and pick up your kid after work or your child can walk for several minutes. Traveling by public transport while your child is so little is not the best option if there is no school bus. If you live in a larger city, schools are probably zoned. This means that if you live in a certain zone, your kid will automatically get a chance to enroll. Otherwise, in case you seek a school in another time zone, you should sign up and see if there is enough space.  If your child wants a school far from your home, but it offers a school bus, that’s good. If you are moving to Nashville, keep in mind that this is a city with plenty of job opportunities.

Why Nashville?

The jobless rate in this city is just 2.3% and better-paid work also provides a better education for your child. If your child is talented in music, moving to Tennessee is the real thing! The music history of this place amazing and you can walk your child to see the legacy of Aretha Franklin and B. B. King.   

the right school for your kids

Private or public 

Well, this is a part that depends on your financial power. If you have the ability, of course, you are going to choose the best school for your child. Keep in mind that the first year at school will be very expensive. You will need to buy accessories and books for school, new clothes and shoes, lunchbox and backpack after all and place it all in the kid’s room.  Some schools demand that you buy uniforms that are very expensive and prepare for that. In addition to finances, prejudice can affect your decision. Do not underestimate public schools because of the way they’re governed. Just because it is a private school and offers the most modern program does not mean that it has a good reputation. First of all, the teaching staff is important, more than modern classrooms.  

the right school for your kids

Visit school with your kid 

After your move to Nashville and you have already made a list of several schools, suggest your child to visit each of them. Some schools are already offering school tours to help your kids decide what’s best for them. See together which programs and courses are offered by schools. If your child likes art and sports, ask for extra activities. Look which sections school offers to develop potential talents of your kids. See which foreign language are they going to learn. These are all important things while picking the right school. If you have the opportunity, let your child meet future teachers. The impression that child acquires is important. Also, do not judge a school by just one teacher. Get to know more of them.  

We hope that this article helped you to get to know more about things that matter when the time comes to choose the right school for your child. Good luck! 


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