September 5, 2018

What packing supplies should you use?


There are basically two ways to deal with moving a house. The easier way is to hire professional packers and movers and let them bring everything they need and have the job done. The other way is to do some things by yourself (or if you’re overly optimistic to do it all by yourself). Most people opt for the latter and choose to pack on their own, instead of hiring professional Nashville movers to transport their stuff. They usually choose to get packing supplies on their own, with the aim to save some money. If you’ve chosen the same route, here’s what packing supplies you should use.

Start right away

Moving takes time. Packing properly takes time. Even getting packing supplies takes time nowadays. To make it easier for you, there are stores specializing in selling packing supplies, so you can at least just go and buy everything at once. That is, if you’re not going to be looking for particular brands and items, in that case, you might need to visit a few stores. So the earlier you start, the better.

Scissors and sticky notes - some of the packing supplies you must have

Make a list

You’ve probably started making your moving checklist as soon as the very thought of moving crossed your mind. But have you ever thought of making a list of all the packing supplies you’ll need? It may seem unnecessary, but it will look so only until you start. Once you do, you’ll realize how helpful it can be!

Packing supplies.

Boxes – packing supplies that come first

Moving boxes is something you should start with, for obvious reasons. You’ll need boxes of various sizes – small, medium, large, extra-large and divided boxes. Before buying any boxes you might want to check with your local grocery or liquor store if they have some empty boxes. Boxes coming from a liquor store even have dividers inside, so you could use them to pack your glassware. The rule of the thumb is that heavy things should go in as small boxes as possible, while light things can be put in larger boxes and one could still move them with no problem. Make sure to neither overfill nor underfill boxes when packing, as the former will make them hard to stack and the latter might make them collapse under the weight.

Then comes the rest of it

Here are some more things you need when it comes to packing and moving:

  1. You’ll need shipping tape to seal your boxes, strapping tape or duct tape to reinforce and close heavier boxes and masking tape to label all of them. Make sure to buy enough rolls so that you don’t run out of it at the last moment.
  2. Scissors and box cutters. You might want to have several of those as well, especially if your family or friends are coming over to help you pack.
  3. Markers, stickers or colored markers. Choose whatever you wish, but make sure to label your boxes. You might also want to follow in the footsteps of more seasoned movers, who may develop their own color code system when labeling. They would then assign a color to all the boxes from a particular room or with particular contents. This way you can also avoid to write what’s inside of the boxes and might even avoid some safety risks.
  4. Protective packing material. This is how you keep fragile items safe and intact. You can use packing paper, recycled newsprint and your clothing, sheets, and blankets would come in handy as well.

Think about protection

  1. Work gloves. Start with yourself. You need to protect your hands first. When dealing with sharp objects or some strange shapes you could be possibly risking an injury. To avoid that try not to start packing without gloves. It may seem impractical at the first moment, but you’ll get used to it fast. And moreover, you’ll be safe.
  2. Blankets. You’ll also need to protect mirrors, paintings, furniture, and screens, and blankets are just perfect to do that.
  3. Whatever you could use to protect floors while moving large pieces of furniture. A hand truck or a dolly would fit here. You could use them to transport large furniture without damaging the floor.

On top of this, you’ll need large quantities of cleaning supplies, such as multipurpose and glass cleaners, paper towels, sponges, etc. And you’ll need them both in your new and old place.

Packing supplies and more.

How to choose what brands to use?

Now you have your list and you have decided on the type of products you’re going to use, but what about brands? With all the wide ranges and choices today, how to choose? If you’re not familiar with these matters, it’s best to ask someone who is. Or just go shopping and ask shopping assistants for help. Don’t go over the top though. Even if it’s a long-distance move you won’t need unreasonably large quantities.

What comes next?

Once you’ve got all the packing supplies you’re not done, you’re actually getting started.

  1. Have you decluttered your home? It’s the right time!

If not, you’d better do it. Moving is a perfect chance to get rid of the things we don’t really need, but we still keep for some irrational reasons. All those reasons fade away once you find out that they will cost you more money. So what to do instead? Sell, donate, pass onto someone else or just toss things away. Just don’t pack and don’t move belongings that you no longer need.

  1. Have you started packing? Put your packing supplies to use!

Not yet? You’re late already! You might not be aware of it right now, but you’ll find that out down the road. Start early to make sure you have enough time to pack everything properly and to keep the process stress-free.

  1. Have you hired moving professionals? You should not skip this.

Even if you choose to pack everything by yourself, you should still consider hiring skilled residential movers to transport your stuff from your old home to the new one. That’s not an easy job to do and it may even become a risky adventure, so helping hands can mean a lot and professional help can be invaluable.

As already said, packing supplies are just the beginning of the story. The road is long and you won’t have much time. So start early and don’t spare a moment. Your new life will start soon and you’ll take the time to enjoy it.


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