February 24, 2019

Top dog-friendly parks in Nashville

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Getting a dog can be one of the best things you can do in your life. Those fluffy fur balls of love can fill the void in anyone’s heart. It has been psychologically proven that dogs can increase happiness levels, and it isn’t a surprise, really. When you get a dog, it becomes an integral part of your family. A family member, so to say. Your kids are going love it, and it is going to love your whole family unconditionally. If you live in Tennessee or want to move there, it is my pleasure to inform you that there are a lot of dog-friendly parks in Nashville. Contact your local Nashville movers for more info!


You are also doing a favor to the furry friend by adopting him. There are many stray dogs without a home and without love in their life. They have to eat scraps and they will have trouble finding shelter during the cold months. Many parks, restaurants, and cafes in Nashville offer you a place for your four-legged friend. And what is better than to have the company of a canine while enjoying the tranquility of Music City. In this article, we will talk about dog-friendly parks in Nashville. So, let’s dive in!

Centennial dog park

This is a great place to take your dog while you are in Nashville. The park has a fence and you do not need a leash. Great looking grass will be a great podium for your furball to play and hang out with other dogs. There are special mutt mitts which can be used to clean up your dog’s mess. The only rule here is that the dog has to be vaccinated and licensed. There is a dog fountain in the middle of the fenced area and a special area for small dogs. It is located in 222 25th Ave North and it is open from dawn to 8 PM. A very dog-friendly park indeed! And one more reason to move to Nashville as soon as possible!

Shelby dog park

This park is one of the most dog-friendly parks in Nashville. It is very spacious and it is located at the Shelby Ave At S 20th Street near Riverview Golf Course. The dogs are allowed to play off leash. This park is a great place to socialize, both for pups and for people! You will find many local dog owners because it is one of the most favorite dog parks in the city. There are many trees which can provide cover for hot days and a water fountain for your puppy to replenish the energy it lost playing. However, there is no special small dog area, but I am sure your dog will not mind.


Edwin Warner dog park

In the Edwin Warner dog park, you are sure to have a good time! The pups can play off leash and you can enjoy the nice weather on one of many benches situated in the park. It is a huge place which is great for any game you want to play with your dog. Unfortunately, it is a two dog per owner only park, so be sure to know this before heading out with your dog army! There is a water fountain for your dogs so you will not have to worry about your dog’s hydration. There are not many trees so there is little to no shade. Occasional dog waste can be spotted if the owners are not careful. Keep this in mind when you want to visit this park. It is located on 50 Vaughn Road and it is open from dawn until dusk.

Riverfront park

This park is located in the Downtown of Nashville and you can catch the amazing Nashville skyline from its grassy fields. It is at 200 1st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37213 and it has artificial grass which is eco-friendly. There are some toys for dogs scattered about including logs which dogs can jump over. The park is very clean. However, there is no special small dog area so keep that in mind. Adelphia Coliseum is across the way, and so is Fort Nashborough—a reconstructed pioneer settlement depicting Nashville’s earliest history. There are also historic landmarks located in the Second Avenue just down the street. and the park is the place where many events happen during the warmer months. All in all, one of the best dog-friendly parks in Nashville

William A. Pitts Dog Park

This park is located on 299 Tusculum Rd, Antioch, TN 37013 this is a big park with a special fenced area for your dog to play and run around off leash. It is very clean and well maintained and walking your dog there will be a very nice experience. There are water fountains for your dog at every step and each one is equipped with poop bags. It is located outside of Nashville which means that is probably will not be very crowded when you arrive. The fact that it is located outside of the city in a more natural environment means that there are mosquitoes. Be careful!

There are many more parks in Nashville that are not really made for dogs, but your dogs will not mind playing there. If you want to visit these parks make sure to carry waste bags and water for your dog not to get dehydrated from all the running and playing. These places include Radnor Lake Park, Percy Warner Park, Buena Vista Park, and many more. The parks listed above are some of the best places you can take your dog.

two puppies enjoying dog-friendly parks in Nashville

It is time to move and enjoy dog-friendly parks in Nashville!

Your four-legged friend is a living being, which means it needs exercise, just like you. Taking your dog outside every day is a great way for it to use up all the energy that built up while at home. If you live in Tennessee you are probably aware of these dog-friendly parks in Nashville, but if you are planning to move, you can call Move On. They will probably know how to help you with your inquiry. Walking your dog is also a good idea because you are walking as well. We live in an age where people usually spend their days sitting down. That is why it is important to walk, and having your pup next to you while walking will make a lot of difference.


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