December 25, 2018

Things to buy after the move

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Do you think that after your long distance moving experience, unpacked your boxes and taken a long, deep nap, you are done with your move? Well, think again. Only after your Tennesee Movers get you moved in does the real work begin! There is a whole post-moving checklist of things and chores that you need to do. What’s more, all of these are fairly important because they will help you settle into your new home, and your new life better. And one of the first things you should start thinking about is the things to buy after the move. Hopefully, there will not be too many things that you forgot behind. However, you might find yourself in need of some supplies. Finally, you can just use this time to refresh your home and give it a new look and feel. In this article, find out what these items are.

What are the things to buy after the move

You have just finished moving. The empty boxes are in your basement, and you have arranged everything into their new places. Now, it’s time to think about your budget, right? It’s time to count the costs, and see if you can save some money. Well, wrong. Since you stretched your budget already, now is the perfect time to spend just a little more. This way, you will make your life a little more comfortable. What questions should you ask when thinking about what to buy?

  • What are the things to buy after the move to make my life a little better?
  • Is there something that I really need right now?
  • Can I make do without this in my life?
  • Will this make life comfortable for me or my friends and family?

Now, let’s discuss some of the items you should always get after you move.

Get some cleaning supplies and fill up your pantry

The first thing you will want to do after moving to Nashville (and getting some good rest) is to start cleaning up your home. If you have moved before, you already know how messy this process is. If not, think about various things being thrown on the floor, dirt, water, and mud in your home, etc. This is a normal thing – movers cannot really take their shoes off while carrying that big, heavy dining table you have. So, you might want to hit your nearby grocery and get some cleaning supplies.

Cleaning supplies are among the things to buy after the move.

You will not need much for starters. Get a mop, a broom, your vacuum, and some cleaning agents. These, of course, depend on the type of the floors you have, and the type of the mess you might have in your home. While you are at the grocery, you should also think about starting to fill up your pantry once again. As you might now, you cannot transport much food during the move – and those that you can are often in jars. So, you will need some spices, for starters. Then, it’s a smart idea to always have some olive oil, dried beans and pasta in your home as well. Some groceries will arrange a delivery, so you can call those in your new area and see if they can bring you these on your moving day. That way, you will be saving time during this busy process.

Get that one thing you always resisted

What’s the best way to get settled after you move? Well, by getting that one luxurious item you never let yourself purchase before. You might think that there is always time, but this is the perfect time for it. Your life after the move will be in a shape of flux. Everything is changing, so it’s time to add that thing to your life. This is why it’s perfect for our list of things to buy after the move.

A living room.

If you resist the urge to buy it, you will fall into a rut once more. From there, it will be hard to justify that purchase. So either go ahead immediately and get the thing or figure out a way to save some money and buy it as soon as possible. Believe us – ask anyone who has done this what their favorite thing about their apartment is. They will tell you it’s that new sofa they bought, or that now they have a new dishwasher, etc.

Buy things for visitors, too!

If you are feeling too selfish right now, then consider this. Some more things to buy after the move are the things that will make your friends or visitors comfortable, too! This can be any of the great cheap home improvement ideas or even something that’s small but meaningful. You can either get a nice mirror for the guest room or an extra set of bedsheets for your sofa. Or, you can buy a bunch of oriental teas for those friends who (gasp!) don’t drink coffee!

Bed sheets and linens.

Whatever you decide, try to think outside the box. Maybe you can even look at your experience with commercial movers in Nashville. Did they ask for a glass of juice and you couldn’t provide it? Then maybe stock up on a bottle for the next time someone comes over. Things to buy after the move might not always seem significant, but they will come in handy in the future. And moving is the perfect time to think about your future – so use the time wisely!


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