December 31, 2018

Tennessee holiday resorts

A woman at the pool.

After your long distance moving experience with Nashville movers, there are just a few things in this world that feel better than finishing up your move. The process often takes months to complete. From thinking about it to figuring out where you will go, over packing your stuff and finding a good moving company, there always seems like there is something to do. That’s why, when you are finally done, it is time for you to relax. You will, and should, take some time for yourself. The moving process brings a lot of stress, so you owe yourself some time to decompress. The question then becomes – where you should go to relax. If you are done moving to Tennessee, you might find out that there are a lot of Tennessee holiday resorts you can pick from. In order to help you, we have made a list of our favorite ones. Find out what they are in this article.

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa in Pigeon Forge

If you are looking for something both stylish and chic, then look no further than Pigeon Forge! This mountain Tennessee resort hides one of the most amazing spas you will ever see. It is the Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa! There are over 300 rooms for you to pick from, and if you are traveling with kids, they have family friendly ones among these!

Sunglasses by a pool.
Relax by the pool.

If you are a fan of country music, then you should also pay the Dollywood Theme Park a visit as well! It is just three miles south of the resort, and it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state of Tennessee. If you can’t drive there, there is a shuttle to take you from the resort. However, if you just want to stay in and relax, there are a lot of things to do within the complex as well! There are two restaurants, and indoors and an outdoor swimming pool and a gym. Your kids can also have fun in their kids’ club while you relax from moving to Nashville at the spa.

Taste Tennessee holiday resorts hospitality at the Blackberry Farm

If you are feeling like doing something more connected to the traditional Southern hospitality, then you should pay the Blackberry Farm a visit. This is a working farm sprawling over 4200 acres. In this vastness, you can find The Barn. It is one of the best restaurants in the state for fresh dining. One of the things that make the Blackberry Farm one of the best Tennessee holiday resorts is the hospitality of the staff. Wherever you go, the guests will tell you just how welcome they felt while staying here. This Southern hospitality might actually be one of the main reasons why everyone is moving to Nashville, as well, so you should taste it as soon as possible!

Find out why it’s called the Blueberry Farm!

When it comes to the Farm’s location, it is not that hard to find. You will run into this luxury resort in Wallan. It also borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Thus, after you are done enjoying the Farm, spend some more time in nature, too! However, that might not be necessary, due to the variety of activities you can do here! There’s horseback riding, archery, cycling and farm field school. You can also take cooking classes or do some paddle sports, or simply enjoy the spa they offer.

Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa

For those who would like to be even closer to the Smoky Mountains, there is the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort and Spa. If life on a farm isn’t really for you, maybe you can try living a rustic, mountain life. You will still be keeping the comfort and amenities of the best Tennessee holiday resorts, however! You can rent a cabin with spa bathtubs, stone fireplaces and much more within!

You will find a spa in most of the Tennessee holiday resorts.
Enjoy the spa in the Rockies.

There are also suites with kitchens as well as studios for those who don’t feel adventurous enough. And for those not inclined to cooking themselves, there are restaurants in the resort, too. Your kids will also have fun here at the Wild Bear Falls indoor water park – if outdoor activities in Nashville tired them up already. There are a heated zero-entry pool and a treehouse in the park for them to enjoy.

While they splash and swim, you can spend your time in one of the two arcades or go for some horseback riding. You can also exercise and recuperate in a fitness center and a luxury spa. Finally, go for a stroll on the trains going all the way to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

There are other Tennessee holiday resorts as well

As you can imagine, Tennesse is filled with various resorts and places for tourists. The music events in Nashville are famous around the world, so the people here have developed a special kind of hospitality towards their guests. We have presented to you resorts that are both luxurious, yet offering something that’s unusual and unique. There are many more for you to discover.

These Tennessee holiday resorts aren’t the only thing why you should consider moving here, though! It is a paradise for those who love the life on the water. Whether it’s the great Mississippi, the Cumberland or the Tennessee Rivers, there is a lot to experience here. The music and nature only add to this mix! There is possibly no greater mixture in the whole country than it is in Tennessee. Finally, more than 75 colleges are awaiting students every year, so it is also a great place to further your education or start a family.


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