Long Distance Moving

There are many reasons why a long distance move may be in your future. Maybe you land that amazing new promotional job you have been working so hard for? Or maybe you are looking for a fresh start in a new state? No matter the reason, Move On offers unmatched, reliable long distance moving services across the country. We have provided clients with hassle-free and enjoyable moves from coast to coast. 

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Our long distance movers are trusted professionals

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A move across long distances where your surroundings are completely different is a very different experience than moving locally or within a shorter distance. You’re going to have the chance for a completely new way of life— new friends, new memories, new experiences, new communities, etc. It is all waiting out there for you, at your next location. However, that all must come later on. For now, you still have that big move ahead of you. It needs organized and cohesive planning and to be completed quickly and efficiently when the time is right. And when that time comes, Move On’s Long Distance Moving Team will be there to help. We’re here to tell you that we will help you no matter what!

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Why a Moving Company? Why Move On?

Before we move any further, let us address the question many people ask themselves when it comes time to plan for a relocation: should you hire a moving company? It is a honest and reasonable question to ask, really. When you consider the process of moving and the potential expenses that can wrack up during the entire process, it can begin to seem overwhelming. However, you do not want to start planning a long distance move without a well-thought-out budget. 

The next thought that may cross your mind is: is residential moving really such a big deal? “Maybe I can go through moving day on my own.” Obviously, we caution against this decision. Moving, especially across long distances poses its own specific complications and potential stress that we would like for you to be able to avoid. Hiring a professional and well-trained long distance moving crew is an important decision to consider in order to ensure an easy and safe moving experience. 

Yet, why should you choose Move On? Well, for starters—we offer a better moving experience than other traditional van lines. Unlike most traditional van lines, Move On can provide an efficient and safe transportation of your belongings within any reasonable given time frame. Other companies have a tendency to misplace or break your personal items. Using our services for your long distance moving process will give you a chance to experience a stress-free and memorable journey. Our delivery process will give you immediate access to your belongings once our delivery trucks arrive to your new destination. With us, you get everything when you need it. 

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Personalized Long Distance Moving Services

Like all of the moving services we have to offer, any long distance moving process we enter into will begin with either a free instant quote from our website or through a phone call.

However, if you are interested in us helping you with planning, we offer a free consultation and walk through in order to help determine what the best course of action is in getting you to where you need to be. We promise to meet all of your specific moving needs, whether it is long distance residential move, moving your office out of state, or helping pack up all of your precious belongings, Move On is available to assist you.

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Residential Long Distance Moving

Moving from one home to another across the state or out-of-state? Move On has you covered. We are fully capable of providing you with the best home move the moving industry has to offer.

We understand just how important moving is in someone’s life. We realize that we’re not just there to pack and load a few boxes into our truck and transport them somewhere else; we know that we are in the business of helping serve someone in their next step in life. That is why we strive to do all we can to change our clients’ lives for the better, starting with moving. Simply put, we’re the people who like the work they do, and that is one of the main reasons why we are the best at what we do.

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Office and Commerical Long Distance Moving

If there is one thing more stressful than moving your house, it is the process of moving your office. When your company is moving to another city, you have some much on your plate that it can become overwhelming. Not only do you have your business to think about, but also all of your clients and your employees as well. It can become a really complicated process, and you will most likely need some help. But once again, our long distance movers are here for you!

We know how important it is to preserve your office equipment. The state of your office equipment will determine any added expenses you may have the second you move into your new offices. That is exactly why we take extra care to ensure that all of your office equipment is packed, organized, tracked, and delivered to your destination in pristine condition and to make sure that all of your belongings are accounted for. 

Our TN Long Distance Moving Team consists of the finest long distance movers you can find in the commercial relocation market. Our movers will help you pack your entire office with no business disruption whatsoever. We are also experienced at transporting furniture and any IT equipment you might have. Once at your new location, our services do not end. We will help you move all of your items into your new office and unpack everything. Our team handles commercial moves all the way, with nothing left to lose.

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Long Distance Moving Preparation and Packing

Packing is tough. Most first time movers underestimate how difficult the packing process can be. However, anyone who has ever been through the relocation process before knows what kind of hassle packing can be. You have to figure out what kind of boxes you’ll need and where to find them, make sure you have the appropriate packing supplies, and then also ensure that everything is sorted and categorized. It can become a nightmare, but that is why our long distance moving crew is here! We offer great packing services for any given long distance move. 

When we show up, the first thing we do is conduct a walk-through to plan out the move. Once our crew has gotten a handle of the strategy for tackling the packing process, they will immediately get to work. 

All of your fragile items as well as all of your furniture will be placed in padded boxes, correctly wrapped individually, labeled, and loaded into our moving truck. We have you covered from East to West TN.

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Cost-Effective Long Distance Moving with Honest Pricing

In any service transaction, pricing can be a touchy subject. Many businesses opt to hide much of their fees behind hidden and “additional” costs. Yet, when you choose Move On for your long distance move, your experience will be the opposite of traditional van lines.

It all starts with our tried and try streamlined process. We will provide you with a complimentary in-home estimate by your own Relocation Specialist. We create an inventory of your times and provide you with an honest moving quote. We are committed to transparency and will not hit you with any hidden fees—our upfront pricing includes taxes and insurance fees.

Call Us Now for a Consultation

We know the in’s and out’s for long distance moves. With our established track record and heart for serving our clients, you can take comfort in knowing that you will receive world-class service with old-fashioned care. Now that you have the assurance that your long distance move will be handled by the best moving company in TN, you can look forward to putting down roots in your new community, discover great new friends, and enjoy your new beginning!