January 23, 2019

Reasons why families move to Hermitage


Moving with your family is never easy. When moving alone, you might even get time to relax between all the chores you do. However, when you are packing a house of three, four or more people, things get much, much busier. There are more rooms, more paperwork, and just so many things to think about! This can get especially hard if your children are still little. Not only will you be trying to get precise moving quotes, sort out their school paperwork or figure out the new housing, but you also need to be there for their anxieties. That’s why learning as much as you can about the moving process can be helpful by preparing you. And so, if you are looking into Nashville neighborhoods to move to, this article is for you. Today, we give you the reasons why families move to Hermitage!

A little about Hermitage

As you already know, Hermitage, Tennessee is Nashville’s neighborhood in the east of Davidson County. It got its name from The Hermitage – the home of the seventh United States President – Andrew Jackson. One of the reasons families move to Hermitage is that it operates as its own unit. Even though it is a part of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, it is also a good place for residential moving (as well as commercial moving) suburban area.

Andrew Jackson statue.

The neighborhood has a rich history behind it. It started as a rural place, but now boasts a network of retail stores. Amongst these, you can also find the best movers Hermitage has to offer. They can take you to one of a lot of typical suburban tract houses in Hermitage. Not only that, but your family can also live in one of the apartment buildings, too. As you can notice, it is a great example of a small urban sprawl, with a mixture of shops and homes for any family.

It is great for commuting

Whenever you are moving to a new place, one of the things you should ask is if it has connections to other cities. We are glad to inform you that Hermitage is great for commuters. Not only does the car ride to Downtown Nashville take just 15 minutes, but there are U.S. Route 70, Interstate 40, and State Route 45 connections, too. The Music City Star commuter rail service also has a station in the neighborhood, so even if you don’t have a car, you will be able to go places.

A car - going to work.

When you look at statistics, the average commute to work (one-way) in Hermitage is between 15 and 30 minutes. This is lower than the national average, which is one of the reasons why families move to Hermitage. You will have more time to spend with your family, and will not be stuck in traffic as much as the rest of the country. However, having a car might help here. Almost 83% of people drive to work, while 13% carpool with friends. When you are moving long distance this might be a good way to meet new people, but be aware of these facts so you can plan how you will get to work.

Do families move to Hermitage or work?

While we are on the subject of commuting, we should probably look at what people actually do for living in Hermitage, right? Understanding this will give you a nice picture of the neighborhood itself. After all, a big part of a person’s life is their job, and it can influence who you are and how you behave, as well as your lifestyle.

In the neighborhood, over 30% of the working population is in the executive, professional or management occupations. After that, there are over 25% of people in sales and service jobs. These include both major sales accounts and fast food chains – any type of sales, really. Then, there are almost 24% of people who are clerics, assistants as well as working in tech support. Finally, almost 20% work in labor and manufacture. This diversity is also another one of the reasons why families move to Hermitage.

The income in Hermitage

After you examine what people do for living in Hermitage, you might ask yourself how pricey it is to live here. Well, the majority of people in the neighborhood are in the middle-income families. However, some analysts say that the neighborhood has a higher average income than almost half of the neighborhoods in the United States. When it comes to poverty, only 3% of children are living below the poverty line in Hermitage. This is lower than 80% of the U.S. neighborhoods – which are pretty great numbers for a family place.

Money is one of the reasons why families move to Hermitage.

The real estate goes along the income in Hermitage. The median price of a home is $199,025. This is more expensive than the majority of Tennessee neighborhoods, and 47% of the nation’s neighborhoods as well. If you want to rent then you will pay something around $1,337. These might seem steep, but you need to take the average income into account. However, for a cheaper and smooth moving experience, you can always call Move On – Nashville Movers.

What is there to do in Hermitage?

Finally, you might ask about what there is to do in the neighborhood. Well, one of the first things you should see is the Hermitage museum we mentioned. There, you can see a lot of Andrew Jacksons’ personal items, and learn more about our history. After that, you should go to Shores Lakeside Resort – especially if you moved in summer. There is also the Long Hunter State Park on J. Percy Priest Lake – for the families who enjoy in nature. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why families move to Hermitage. Whether you enjoy history or sports – there is something for you here! And if you somehow get bored of the neighborhood, Nashville is just a quick drive away!


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