January 18, 2019

Reasons to visit Antioch TN

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When you think of Tennessee, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Are those the sounds of guitar strings running through your heart? Maybe it’s the good food that you can find here or the green valleys of the state? Or, if you are a bit more urban, maybe it’s Nashville with so many things to see there. However, this is not the only city to visit in the state! There are so many wonderful things to see and do. From the small, quaint towns to luxurious Tennessee holiday resorts, the state is brimming with activities for you! One of these is the neighborhood of Antioch. If you about to embark on a long distance move here, or are just looking for a place to see, then you’re in the right spot. Today, we give you some of the best reasons to visit Antioch TN!

About Antioch

Antioch is a neighborhood in Davidson County, Tennessee, with the Zip Code of 37013. The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County takes care of the area as well as the 86 thousands of its residents. The origins of the place span two centuries, all the way back to 1810. It was first a church and then turned into a commuter town. Those traveling to and from downtown Nashville often visited it, so it started growing. What’s interesting about the neighborhood is that from the very start, Antioch had a general store and a post office for its residents.

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One of the most popular business ventures in Antioch was the Hickory Hollow Mall (now Global Mall at the Crossings). It started working in 1978 and spanned regional fame. Spanning over 102 thousands of squared miles, it had more than 140 stores and almost 6 thousands parking spaces. However, due to many factors, it was considered a dead mall in 2012 – when efforts to bring retailers back started. It has now grown to almost 50% occupancy and still continues to grow again. Nowadays, you can also shop in other strip malls, and a Walmart Supercenter as well.

Reasons to visit Antioch TN

So, what are the reasons to visit Antioch TN and how does it differ from Nashville? Should you call your Antioch movers and start planning your relocation here today? It really depends on what type of person you are, of course. If you like big, loud cities, then Nashville might be more your cup of tea. If you don’t mind commuting there, however, then Antioch is just as well. Rents will mostly be lower than Nashville, and there are many other perks, too:

  • living a lot less hectic life,
  • the cost of living might be one of the best reasons to visit Antioch TN and
  • there are a lot of places to visit as well!

If you are looking to raise a family away from Nashville, then Antioch might be the place for you. As you visit, you will notice how less hectic things become. Nashville is a tourist trap, so there you can find not only the residents but people visiting as well. You will not be finding these in Antioch. You will be able to get yourself a nice home, and then travel to the big city when in need of some outdoor activities in Nashville.

Fight the cost of living in Antioch

One of the main reasons to visit Antioch TN is the low cost of living. Not only is it lower than in Nashville, but it is also below the nation’s average! The biggest factors in this have the affordable healthcare, as well as the cheap housing and utilities you will find here. However, you might find it difficult to find a house. From almost 33,000 houses, only 7% are not occupied.

Money and a home.

If you succeed, then you will pay somewhere around $164,900 to buy a home, which is a median value in the neighborhood. This is over $20,000 cheaper than the average homes in the United States, so you can see why so many people are drawn to call Move On – Nashville Movers and start planning their move here. If you want to rent, then you can do it for around $880, which is $200 less than the United States average monthly rent.

And as far as the service buildings are concerned, you will be satisfied. There are three elementary schools, three middle schools and a high school for your kids. For the older ones, there are 15 colleges (the University of Tennessee being the biggest one) in the 40 miles radius. This, once again, proves why Antioch is a popular commuters’ town. The closest hospital is 7 miles west in Brentwood, as well as the large Nashville General Hospital at Meharry.

What to do and see in Antioch

So, after your professional movers had brought you here, what is there to do and see? Well, a lot of things, really! If you like sports, you can rent a pair of jet skis or hike in the State Park. There is also paddle boarding and ice-skating, and trampolines too! If you like to hang out in nature without the exercise, there are parks for you to sit in.

Rafting is only one of the reasons to visit Antioch TN.

You should also pay the Music Hall of Fame a visit, as well as the lesser-known Museum there. There is also the Ryman Auditorium for you – everything seems to be about the sounds here! Finally, amongst the reasons to visit Antioch TN is its proximity to Nashville. If you ever get tired of the things here, just a short trip will take you to this world-famous downtown, where you can spend an exciting and memorable afternoon.


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