January 13, 2019

Pros and cons of moving to Belle Meade

A cotton plantation.

There are many wonderful destinations you can move to in Tennessee. From the wonderful holiday resorts to the bustling cities filled with live music venues, the state has so much to offer. The same thing applies when you want to move here! There are so many choices to make! However, sometimes this may prove to be a disadvantage. How can you pick where to settle where there are so many great destinations? Well, you are actually on a really good path – research is the key here! The more you read about Tennessee and its location, the better you will be prepared. So, today, we talk about the wonderful little city of Belle Meade. In this article, you will find the best reasons for and against moving locally to Belle Meade!

Get to know the basics when moving to Belle Meade

The first thing you will want to know about Belle Meade is the basics, right? Well, you can find it in Davidson County, Tennessee, sprawling over 3 square miles. There are almost 3,000 people living here (2010 census), and the number keeps climbing up! Within the city, you can find the city hall and a police force. Even though it is an independent city, however, it also works closely with Nashville government.

A cotton branch.

The city has a history that spans centuries – which might be one of the reasons you are moving to Belle Meade. First, way back in 1807, John Harding of Virginia bought the Dunham’s Station log cabin together with 250 acres around it and called the place Belle Meade. The word comes from French for beautiful meadow which it still is – the residential area has tree-lined streets as well as woods around it. From its humble beginnings, Belle Meade spawned Harding’s mansion, and then a breeding farm and a cotton plantation.

The city was then sold in 1906 when Belle Meade Land Company took over. The place got its first road soon after, and the city was established in 1938. Nowadays, the mansion is a museum, and it is on the National Register of Historic Places. Nowadays, movers in Belle Meade have customers on a regular basis.

Belle Meade is stunning

We already talked a little about this, but one of the most important things you will appreciate when moving to Belle Meade is just how beautiful the city is. Even if you are just a tourist – driving around the streets of Belle Meade will leave you breathless. Take a stroll down the Belle Meade Boulevard and admire all the amazing mansions hiding behind the treelines.

A mansion.

Then, finish your stroll at the Percy Warner Park, of Cheekwood – the local botanical garden. And for special occasions like weddings, there is also the Belle Meade Plantation with the Belle Meade Country Club. Both of these have wonderful landscapes and often host important events.

Belle Meade is pretty exclusive

One of the things that make moving to Belle Meade exciting is just how fabulous and exclusive the city is. Just the mentioned stroll around the Belle Meade Boulevard can already inform you about the city. There are so many mansions that only those well-off will find their place here. If you are one of them, remember to evaluate a house before making an offer though – you never know what you may find.

But what makes Belle Meade so prestigious? Well, one of the things is that it is both an incorporated city and connected to Nashville, as we already mentioned. Another thing is the rich architecture you can find here. For example, Belle Meade Plantation stands as one of the most beautiful estates in the South of the United States.

Small but close community

Another thing that’s good about Belle Meade is just how small it is – around 3 square miles. However, this doesn’t mean that you will want for something after moving to Belle Meade. The citizens are compassionate and respectful, and they value community work and companionship. There are activities and events that everyone can join, so there will be a lot to do. And even if this is not enough for you, Nashville is just a short car ride away!

Helping hands - like you will get after moving to Belle Meade.

Some may consider a disadvantage of Belle Meade the fact that city it’s really expanding outwards, though. The houses are always renovating and expanding, however, the area doesn’t have the same luxury. You can be sure that the housing development projects will be rare here. This leads to Belle Meade being an even more exclusive and desirable place, and Move On – Nashville Movers gets even more work because of it.

Belle Meade is close to Nashville

This is another one of things that some might consider an advantage, and some will not. After moving to Belle Meade, you will be only 15 minutes (by car) away from Downtown Nashville. This is good because you can use residential movers in Nashville to take you to the city. You can also participate in many events in Nashville. Finally, if the rush of the big city is too much for you, but you still have a job there, moving here will grant you both the quiet life and work in Nashville.

However, this might not be attractive to those who dislike commuting. There is even an established commute that goes through each of Nashville’s neighborhoods and visits Belle Meade as well. This does give the city a suburban feeling, but some may find it tedious. For those, moving to Belle Meade might not be the perfect solution, even though the city is one of the prime Tennessee destinations.


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