March 31, 2021

Moving Services: More Than Just a Truck

Moving Truck

When it comes to moving, most people consider renting a moving truck. They’re essential to the entire process, whether transporting items big or small. Plus, they’re more efficient than cars because they cut down on the number of trips you need to take between two places.

But here’s the thing: Moving is more than just a truck.

Before you decide to take on a DIY move here in Nashville, you may want to consider how a full-service moving company can make a huge difference in your moving experience. Here’s a break-down of the other moving services you shouldn’t overlook.

Nashville Moving Services


Ah, packing—the inevitable part of moving no one really enjoys. When you’re getting ready to move, you shouldn’t throw items in any random box and call it a day.

To do the job right, you need the right supplies: Boxes, tape, a permanent marker, specialty boxes, and furniture wrapping, for starters. To make unpacking easier, label each box with its designated room.

Every object needs to be packed with precision and care. For example, with more fragile items like glasses, bowls, and plates, special packing is needed to ensure everything makes it to your next destination intact.

With the help of a moving crew that knows what they’re doing, the time spent packing can be cut down from a few weeks to one day, giving you more time back in your schedule.

Moving boxes and tape

Physical Labor

Lifting heavy objects is no easy task. From couches and dining tables to mattresses and dressers, large items require more than one set of hands to carry them out. Hiring a moving crew that can haul these objects for you makes the entire moving process easier. Plus, your back and knees will be thanking you in the long run!

Storage Facilities

Picture this: You need to be out of your current space, but you can’t quite move into your new place yet. It might be a few days or even weeks before you’re able to call the space home. What can you do?

First things first: don’t panic! There are many storage facilities out there for short- and/or long-term usage. The next step is finding a facility you can trust and that can accommodate your specific needs. Climate-controlled environments, sprinklers and fireproofing, padding, and 24/7 surveillance are all factors to consider when finding temporary storage space.

Moving companies are here to make your lives easier. Choosing the right movers that provide a full set of moving services you need in Nashville can make all the difference. Ready to let someone else handle your move? Get a free quote from Move On today!


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