January 2, 2019

Making friends in a new city

A man and a woman laughing and drinking coffee.

How exciting is it to finally get some courage and decide to move to a new city? Whether you are moving long distance from a small town to a big city or vice versa, chances are you won’t have any friends once you get there. And if there is one thing we need for a happy life then that’s a few good friends. For some people, making friends in a new city can be hard, which is understandable. After all, settling into a new neighborhood and a new city is hard enough without you having to worry about going out and visiting a new spot every night. But, don’t worry just yet – with our tips, making new friends will become a piece of cake.

Utilize technology when making friends in a new city (or trying to)

Every day, you rely on the Internet to get you places and help you function. You check out Google maps in order to find the nearest coffee shop, you frantically check your social media for new followers and you use online games to help you kill time. So, why do you think it should be any different when moving to a new city and trying to make a few friends?

A cellphone on a notebook.

If you have a Facebook profile, a good idea would be to join some groups. Groups usually have meet-and-greet meetings every once in a while, and they are open to all members. Perhaps you can meet someone who likes the same band as you do and you can bond over that fact. Or you can find someone who used Move On – Nashville Movers for their move in the past, just like you did, and you can share experiences and thoughts. You would be surprised at how many things two people can have in common.

Get a pet

Sometimes, our pets can be our best friends. But, in this instance, we shall refer to them as your friends, as well as your helpers for finding new friends. On that note, one of the best places to meet new people is at a dog park. While there is not a single rule, the truth is that dog owners are usually considered as warm and generous persons. That certainly sounds like a friend you would like to have, right? Besides, a dog will keep you company and help you feel less lonely until you actually make a few friends.

A light brown pug.

Attend work parties

There are some things in life you don’t feel like doing but deep down know they have to be done. For example, when moving, no one really enjoys asking ten different companies for a precise moving quote, but it’s something that needs to be done. At least you have to do it if you want to get the best price for your upcoming move. The same thing goes for work parties.

No one really likes to spend more time at work than they have to. But hey, this is a party we are talking about. There will be cocktails and appetizers involved, so what’s not to like about that? Even though you might think there is no one at your work you could be friends with, you should give it a second thought. People at work probably don’t feel comfortable showing their true colors. But a few glasses of wine, and who knows – they might even turn into someone you will hang out with on a daily basis.

Coffee shops are always a good place for making friends in a new city

If there is one thing people all over the world love then that’s coffee. You already have a good thing to bond over with people in a coffee shop. When you walk into a coffee shop, a common sight to see is people sitting by themselves, working on their laptops or reading the newspaper. While some of them really do come to a coffee shop to relax and unwind, a big portion of those people is just like you. They are looking for someone to call a friend. So, as soon as you unpack from your local move to Nashville, we suggest you look for the nearest coffee shop. There, you will be able to meet people in a situation just like yours, and they will be able to meet you – their new friend.

A coffee shop which is a good place for making friends in a new city.

Volunteer for something you feel passionate about

Do you like to do charity work?  Were you a regular member at the dog shelter in your last community? Even if you haven’t been, now is the right time for you to start. Helping people in need will really open up new horizons for you. It will help you realize how lucky you were in life, and that happiness is more than just the material things. But, your favorite charity will also help you meet good-natured people. People who have the same passion as you. And you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to come to finally decide to do something nice for the community. There are places which welcome volunteers all year round:

  • Soup kitchens
  • Animal shelter 
  • Organizations that provide activities for senior citizens
  • Organizations that hold activities for the disabled citizens

It’s the right time for you to give something back to the world, don’t you think? And, if while doing so, you can make a few friends in the process, then all the better. As you can see, there really are too many indoor and outdoor activities for making friends in a new city. It’s all about your attitude, and whether or not you are ready to make an effort. A little hint – you should be, as it will pay off sooner than you think.


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