Long Distance Moving

There are many reasons a relocation may be in your future; you may have landed that amazing new job you’ve been working towards. Or maybe it’s time for a fresh start in a different state. No matter the reason, Move On offers unmatched long distance moving services. We have provided clients with “seriously” fun moves from coast to coast.

Moving across long distances and completely changing your surroundings is a completely different feeling than moving locally. You’re going to have the chance for a completely new way of life – new friends, new memories, new experiences, etc. And it’s all waiting for you out there, in your new home. However, all that comes later on. Right now, you’ve still got that big move to plan out and complete. And that’s where Move On comes in! We’re here to tell you that our long distance movers Nashville are there to help you no matter what!

Family packing.

Do I need the help of a moving company at all?

Before we move any further, let’s address this question that everyone asks themselves when they begin to plan a relocation. It’s an honest and reasonable question, really. When you start thinking about moving, you’ll soon see that there are a lot of expenses involved in the entire process. Let’s just say you don’t want to start a long-distance relocation without a well-thought-out budget. So naturally, when people see how much money they’re spending, they start thinking about cutting costs wherever they can.

The next line of thought is usually – is residential moving such a big deal? “Maybe I can go through moving day on my own“. Obviously, we caution against this decision. Moving, especially moving across long distances, can get complicated real quick. And that’s why people go out looking for long distance movers Tennessee in the first place – because they don’t want to do it all alone. And this is a smart decision if you ask us.

Why is Move On the company for you?

Now that we’ve established that you’d be better off to relocate with the help of a professional moving company, the next logical question is – why choose Move On? There are plenty of moving companies in Nashville, and Tennessee in general. So, why exactly should you choose our long distance movers Nashville over all the others?

Well, for starters – we offer a better moving experience than other traditional van lines. Move On can deliver your items safely and within an exact time frame. Using our services for your long distance relocation will give you a chance to experience a stress-free and memorable journey. The delivery process of traditional van lines can leave you waiting on your items for weeks. Quite often, this can prove to be the biggest pain point when dealing with a larger van line. We, on the other hand, value speed and precision. With us, you get everything when you need it.

Our long distance movers Nashville will help you every step of the way. From the planning stages, to the end of your relocation.

Our long distance movers Nashville offer complete customer satisfaction

And it’s not just the practical benefits of our services that vouch for us. Here at Move On, we know just how important moving is in someone’s life. We realize that we’re not just there to pack & load a few boxes in our truck and transport them somewhere. Our team knows that we’re in the business of helping people make that next step in life. And that’s why we strive to do all we can to change their lives for the better, starting from moving. To say that we like this role in our customers’ lives would be an understatement. Simply put, we’re people who like the work they do, and that’s one of the main reasons why we are the best at what we do!

Office moving services Tennessee

If there’s one thing more stressful than moving your house, it’s the process of moving your office. When your company is moving to another city, you’ve got so much on your plate that it’s overwhelming. Not only do you have your business to think about, but your employees as well. It’s a really complicated process, and you’ll probably need some help with that. But once again – our long distance movers Nashville are here for you!

First of all, we know how important preserving office equipment is. The state of your office equipment will determine how much expenses you’ll have the second you move into your new offices. And that’s why we take extra special care to deliver everything to your destination in pristine condition!

Our Move On team consists of the finest long distance movers Nashville you can find in the commercial relocation market. Our movers will help you pack your entire office with no business disruption whatsoever. We’re also experienced at transporting furniture and any IT equipment you might have. And it doesn’t end there – once your items are in the new office, we can help you unpack everything. Our team handles commercial moves all the way, with nothing left to chance.

Our great moving services cover all needs

What exactly are we offering when we say we’re there to help you with your long-distance move? We’re glad you asked! We’re here to help you in any given situation, in the manner of:

  • Packing services
  • Office moving services
  • Excellent pricing and quick estimates

Packing services that will make your long-distance move quick and easy

People who have never moved may think this is ridiculous – but simply put, packing is tough. Most first-time movers look at this part of the move and they think it’s a breeze. Just find some boxes, put all of your stuff in, and load it on a truck, right? What’s the big deal? And furthermore, why would you need to hire someone else to do it?

But anyone who has ever been through a relocation knows just what kind of hassle packing can be. You’ve got to figure out what kind of boxes you’ll need and where to find them. Then you need to make sure you have enough of packaging supplies, and then sort and categorize everything. Really, it can be a nightmare. But that’s why our long distance movers Nashville are here! We offer great packing services for any given long distance move.

Our team is happy to help.

Our crews are very well-trained to handle it all. What you view as a massive headache, we simply see as a another day in the field. When we show up, the first thing we do is conduct a walk-through to plan out the move. Once our crew has gotten a handle on their strategy for tackling the packing process, they will immediately get to work.

All of your fragile items, the kitchen, the dining room, your entire home, will be breezed through from top to bottom. We encourage you to simply watch and see how efficient we truly are (hey, you can even time us). Padding the box, correctly wrapping each item individually, loading the box and labelling it. You can just go ahead and find your favorite seat and relax. We have you covered, from here to the other side of Tennessee.

Hiring a long distance moving company vs. traditional van lines:

The clients that choose to move with us have a drastically different experience in the best way possible compared to the alternative: traditional van lines. Even reading that sentence can give you chills. When it comes to long distance moves, traditional van lines like to boast about one thing and one thing only: their “affordable” cost. Generally, long-distance carriers move more than one household at a time in order to fill up an eighteen wheeler. The belongings are loaded and unloaded onto different trucks during the trip and at times are temporarily left in storage in a warehouse, waiting for the next truck headed towards the same destination. With this crudely put together process, personal belongings get lost, end up at the wrong location during transit, or delivered to someone else. Next, there is the delivery date, which actually isn’t a delivery date at all, but a delivery window. That window usually spans at least 10-14 days and then, unfortunately, there are companies out there that hit you with last-minute fees, refusing to release your belongings until it is paid. Phew, that’s a big “no thanks!”.


When you choose Move On for your long distance move, your experience will be the opposite of traditional van lines. It all starts at the beginning of our tried and true streamlined process. We provide a complimentary in-home estimate by your own personal Relocation Specialist. We inventory your items and provide you with a quote, and with our commitment to transparency, you won’t be hit with hidden fees. Great, right?! Next is your packing day, devoted entirely to preparing your belongings for the ride. Take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief as we literally and figuratively lift the burden off your shoulders. Our skilled and experienced movers are trained to ensure that everything is packed and wrapped (correctly and cozy) for long distance trips. And guess what? You have a guaranteed delivery date. No guessing when your stuff will show up, no lost boxes, no hidden fees, no hassles, no problems. We got your back.

Excellent pricing and quick estimates

In any service transaction, pricing can be a touchy subject. Many businesses opt to hide much of their fees behind hidden and ‘additional’ costs. But here at Move On, we follow a simple yet effective principle. We do things upfront, and we do them right.

And what about pricing? Our pricing is easy and with no hidden fees to surprise you after your move. What you see is what you pay for. This starts when the Move On team of strong, capable long distance movers Nashville arrives with the moving truck. Our team brings dollies, wraps, and pads to keep your valuables, furniture, and other belongings organized and safe on your long-distance move. And the upfront pricing you get from us includes taxes and insurance fees, so there are absolutely no hidden fees to worry about.

There are no secrets when moving with Move On

We know the in’s and out’s for long distance moves, and with our established track record and heart for serving our clients, you can take comfort in knowing that you will receive world-class service with old-fashioned care. Simple as that. Now that you have the assurance that your long distance move is being handled by the best moving company in Nashville TN, you can look forward to all the great things about moving. Like putting down roots in your new community, discovering new friends, and enjoying your new beginning!