January 29, 2019

How to save space when packing clothes?

Packed clothes

Moving can be a stressful experience. That is why you need to be organized. If you are properly organized this process will be much easier. Proper organization includes creating an inventory, creating checklists, and hiring reliable movers. If you need long distance movers in Tennessee, make sure you start looking for them right away. Why? Well, having the right professional by your side is what will make your relocation stress and hassle-free. Experienced movers in Nashville know that you need to save as much space as you can while moving. Also, they know everything about ways to save space when packing clothes. Quickly and efficiently.

Creating an inventory will help you save space when packing clothes

When you create an inventory, you will know what you have and will probably not lose anything. And that is pretty important once you start packing your clothes. You should divide your clothes by category. You can do this by taking all your t-shirts, or jeans, and packing them all together in one box. Put the clothes on your bed as you take them out of the closet, and try to sort everything. You can sort them either by color, material, or type of clothing.

An inventory list

Using vacuum bags

There is a thing called a vacuum bag. You have probably seen these on your TV in an infomercial. They are very useful because you can pack things inside them, and then vacuum out all the air using a vacuum cleaner, effectively reducing the size of the bag. After that, you can put the bag in a box or a duffel bag without using too much space. Check if your local stores have these bags. If not, try to find them on the internet. You can even roll the vacuum bags after all the air was sucked out and save space when packing clothes. Nice, right?

Disposing of clothes you do not need

You probably have some clothes that you have not worn in years, and they only take up space in your closet. There are a couple of ways you can get rid of old clothes.

  • Organizing a yard sale: A yard sale is a very efficient method of getting rid of old stuff. This also applies to other things, not only clothes. By getting rid of old clothes via a yard sale, you will make space and even earn some money along the way. The important thing regarding garage sales is that you need to organize and advertise it properly.  There are many guides on the internet on how to make a good garage sale. After it is done, you will be amazed by the number of things you got rid of, and also how much space you saved by doing so.
  • Donating: You can donate your items to charity organizations. There are many people that need something which you have an excess of. By donating to charity, you are not only doing a good deed, but also you will save space when packing clothes.
  • Using old clothes as padding: This is a great way to secure your more fragile items. Put the old clothes inside the boxes where you plan to put the fragile items, and even wrap the items. Now, that is efficiency!

Do not pack all the clothes at once

You should never pack every single piece of clothing when you are conducting your move. Always leave a couple of days worth of clothes so you do not have to open packed and sealed boxes. Another good idea is to pack a box with the clothes you plan on using the day after your move. There is no way that you will finish all the unpacking at once after the move is done. This is why you should take some clothing, put it in a special box, and label it accordingly.

overstuffed box

 Packing techniques

“There are some packing techniques that helped me with packing clothes, not only for the company but for my private travels as well.”  says one of the local movers in Nashville. He then continues to describe the rolling technique. “You take a piece of your clothing and roll it instead of folding it. It is a really smart way to save space when packing clothes. Another technique is to put socks inside smaller openings and spaces which cannot be filled with larger pieces of clothing.”

Packing your shoes

There is a very efficient way of packing your shoes. This is done by using cellular boxes. These boxes usually come when you buy bundles of wine and each cell contains one bottle. Take your pair of shoes, and put them in one cell. This way you will organize your shoes well, and not only save space when packing clothes, but save time and space when unpacking.

Yes, you can save space when packing clothes!

The most important thing when you want to save space is proper organization and efficiency. You can do this by making to-do lists and checklists. Being organized will help you save not only space but also your nerves during the moving process. Even if you are planning on moving to Murfreesboro from a long distance. Because the distance doesn’t matter with good moving strategy in place. The process itself is very hard and requires a lot of thinking prior to committing yourself to it. Read this guide carefully and consider every possible problem, and think of every possible solution for it. Good luck with your move!


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