December 3, 2018

How to pick the right Nashville neighborhood?

Nashville skyline.

When you are moving long distance to a new city, one of the first things you need to know is which neighborhood you will go to. Deciding which part of the city you will live in will influence your way of life. Some places will be full of nightclubs, while some have peaceful streets and friendly neighbors. In some places, you will find cheap apartments, while some hide great family homes. If you are moving to Nashville, you will find that, just like the majority of cities in the US, the city offers a lot of choices. There are over fifteen neighborhoods you can pick from. Today, we take a look at some of the best ones. By the end, we hope that you will be able to pick the right Nashville neighborhood for your Nashville moving company to help you move to.

How to pick the right Nashville neighborhood?

So, you might ask – what makes the Nashville neighborhood perfect? You need to know that so you can pick the right Nashville neighborhood, right? Well, this really depends on who you are as a person. What you are looking for and what your lifestyle is will matter when picking the neighborhood you will live in.

Do you want a place where there are peace and quiet and everyone knows each other? Maybe you like to go out every night, so you want the best live music events in Nashville nearby. Are you living alone, with roommates or with children? Do you drive a car, walk or do sports? Questions like these are really important in deciding what you do every day. Only then you can make your decision and pick the right Nashville neighborhood for yourself. For example:

  • the Glutch is perfect for walking around, yet it’s quite urban;
  • Demonbreun is a place where you can go for a night out;
  • Green Hills is for you if you want to pick the right Nashville neighborhood for a little bit of everything in them;
  • Germantown is for those who want a residential neighborhood.

As you can notice, Nashville offers a little bit of everything for you. So, before we dive deeper into all these neighborhoods, think about what your lifestyle is. Decide what you can evade and what you can’t live without, because that matters when picking the perfect Nashville neighborhood.

The Glutch

Just a bit south of the downtown Nashville, you will find the Glutch. The area was once a buzzing industrial place, but then the factories were abandoned and left to ruin. However, in recent years it has become quite a hot spot for real estate entrepreneurs. The big warehouses and factories are being torn down or converted and upgraded to condos and apartment buildings. However, that’s not all. There are also restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, and groceries and fitness studios.

Rental bikes.
You can bike around the Glutch with ease.

Due to its history, it is a fairly walkable neighborhood. However, if you are looking to pick the right Nashville neighborhood for families, this might not be the one. The area is very urban, but it is best for singles and younger people. Even though there are a lot of bike paths and greenways, the majority of real estate are apartments. This does not suit bigger families with small children very well.


You can find Demonbreun adjacent to the Glutch, but it is often easier if you just search for Music Row (or Midtown). The area is small – only one-quarter of a mile – but it is full of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating areas. After you settle into a new neighborhood, you might want to visit the place famous as the hot spot for going out amongst the college students and all those who feel young. If you are a night owl, then this is your place. A lot of the bars and restaurants will stay open until 3 a.m.

Demonbreun street - you might go here after you pick the right Nashville neighborhood for you.
Demonbreun is an urban place filled with restaurants.

However, the area is restricted to only apartments and condos, again. This is because of so many commercial spots in here. Here, you will also find many recording studios – because this is the cradle of the Music Row in Nashville. If music is the reason you are moving to Tennessee, however, then this is the place you want to be in!

Green Hills

Green Hills is one of those places that has it all. There are restaurants, a big Mall, and just anything else you might need. You can even walk around the neighborhood – although keep in mind that walking to other parts of Nashville might be a bit difficult. Green Hills is the furthest away from Downtown Nashville on our list, and it is a bit secluded because of it. However, if you live here – you won’t even have a need to visit other parts of the city!

Nashville is a famous music place.

A thing to note, though, is that this neighborhood might be the one for those a bit more affluential. If you are such family looking to pick the right Nashville neighborhood, then this is your district! And even though there are free things to do in Nashville, this neighborhood won’t have a lot of them. Many tourists will even come around window shopping at many designer-filled shops, and the rest of Nashville will look at you with wistfulness in their eyes.


Germantown is the only neighborhood on our list that is north from Downtown Nashville. This is an old and small district, however, there is stuff to do here as well! The neighborhood is a benchmark for the redevelopment project in Nashville, so be sure to check everything out before you decide to move in here.

However, this might be the most family-friendly place on our list. There are both family homes and townhouses to look into, as well as duplexes and low-rise buildings. But, that’s not all! There are restaurants and bars as well, although the majority closes at 10 p.m. If you want to pick the right Nashville neighborhood for your family, then this might be the one!


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