April 22, 2019

How to pack your office with ease?

Planning is the key for successfully relocation!

Moving the office can be much more complicated than ordinary moving. Not only do you change the working environment and space, but you also need to take care of the expensive equipment and important documents when moving. If you are going to pack your office for the first time, you will need some guidance! In addition to furniture, electronic equipment, tonnes of paper, you have to pack many cables and other sensitive components. It is important to know how to pack various things to prevent damage during transport. If you do not have much experience with office moving, check out some cool tips that we’ve prepared for you! 

Start with a plan!

This is the first thing to remember. Never start moving without planning! Regardless of whether your office is small or large or whether you have one month or fifteen days to pack your office, you should start with a plan! Make a list of things that are your priority and first pack them. Personal items that are on your desk you should pack first.

Pack your laptop, business phone, favorite mug, memories, decorations, pens, and essential documents as soon as you make a plan. Make a list of things you don’t need and which you will donate or throw away. Make a list of things that are fragile and need additional protection during transportation. Arrange the packing rationally, so that you do something every day. Don’t leave everything for the last day. You never know what can happen.

Pack your office and donate old stuff in one go:

As we mentioned, make a list of things you do not need. When you’re going to pack your office, you will come across a bunch of things that you don’t need and that are old. If you have new furniture in your new office, donate your old furniture to someone.
Pack your office with a plan and notes
Old furniture, books, unused notebooks, accessories, ornaments, all that you can donate. Be human and surprise someone who needs these things. Start moving as a positive and optimistic person! If Move On – Nashville – is an idea you’re considering, then you might want to check local commercial movers.

Find the right packing materials

Preparing the right type of boxes and finding the right packing material is a serious task for you. Of course, if you have the original boxes of your electronic devices, pack them into these boxes. Original boxes are designed to protect products that are in them. Ordinary cardboard boxes are usually what people think about when it comes to moving. But these boxes are not enough to provide maximum protection for every item. Of course, you can use them to pack books, notebooks, archival material or things that are not fragile. But when it comes to other things, you have to find a way to protect them further. Packing supplies, soft cloth and bubble wrap are things you need. Clean and ink-free packing paper can help you to pack fragile items. Maybe you thought about the newspaper, but their ink can leave traces on the items.

Label everything

In addition to planning, a smart organization when you pack your office is crucial. If you just put things in boxes without any order, when you arrive at a new location, you won’t be able to find what you need. You can mark each box and write what is in it. Also, help your movers to put boxes in your new office by writing on the box where it should stand.

If there is a fragile thing in the box or something of great value that can be easily broken, be sure to stick the tape on the box and write it down. In this way, professional movers will pay attention to where this box should be placed while loading the truck.

Pack the cables carefully

Today, each office has a large number of electronic equipment. Computers, phones, printers, scanners, chargers, Wi-Fi routers, and more, are part of the workspace. When you start to pack your office, you can get a headache of miles of tangled cables around you. You should organize all the cables and wires you have in the office. Of course, you can use zip ties to bundle cables. But before that, take a picture of how each of them is wired. This way you’ll know which cable is connected to which device and how to mount the device in a new location. After you bind the cables, you can stick labels on them, where you mark the place where the should be. If you have the original boxes of your electronic devices, pack the cables and the device into them. If not, then pack the cables and devices that belong in the same box.

Hire professional movers

Sometimes we really need the help of professionals. Do not get rid of that thought immediately because you are afraid of the big costs. There are a number of companies that can be found on the Internet and you can choose the one that suits you best. If you are considering moving your office to an amazing music town, such as Nashville, Move On – Nashville moving and packing services will make your relocation easy and without stress! Of course, hiring professionals to pack your office leads to additional costs, but that amount could be twice lower than packing things by yourself and break the expensive electronic equipment. Professionals will accelerate moving time and safely and efficiently transport your office furniture to a new location.


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