March 18, 2019

How to Disassemble and Pack a Bunk Bed

bunk beds in a room

Having a bunk bed or two can settle your issues with space in your house. It’s a perfect addition to have if you have twins or children (if you can cope with their fighting for the top bunk all the time). However, as all things go, even bunk beds have a downside – disassembling and packing. This process can depend according to the situation, but most bunk beds are not that hard to move and disassemble. Here is a short guideline on how to disassemble and pack a bunk bed.

Step 1 – Separate the bunks from each other (top and bottom)

This is the key step when you want to disassemble and pack a bunk bed. Most bunk beds consist of the framework and the bunks which are nearly impossible to move when they are together, thus separating them is a must. Moreover, they are not that hard to separate and on their own they are quite easy to move. This process does not take too long and you can rely on our local movers in Nashville, TN to safely transport every piece of the bed you disassemble.

how to disassemble and pack a bunk bed

Step 2 – Carefully unscrew the bolts holding down the pieces together

This part can get a bit tricky. Most bunk beds are massive and you might need help for this step. The most important part is to carefully unscrew the bolts. You should not to allow the upper part of the bed to fall down on the lower one. If you execute this step well, make sure that you remember where each bolt goes so that you can assemble the bed together once you move it

Step 3 – Label the bolts and put them in a safe container

As we said before, it is very important to remember where each bolt goes so that you can assemble it together once you move it. Thus labeling is nearly a must. Also providing a safe container (a plastic bag, or a box) makes the process almost effortless. Make sure that you do not lose the labels and the container during the move, for it can be nearly impossible to assemble the bunk bed back together if you do. Planning, as always, is the key to success.

old bunk beds
If you have an old wooden bunk bed, it can make your room look more vintage!

Step 4 – Disassemble everything that is left

Usually, if you have executed the previous steps successfully, there is only one thing left to do – removing the mattresses from the frames. To disassemble and pack a bunk bed correctly into its components, mattresses need to be removed from the frames as well. Usually, the weight of the mattresses equals that of the frames, so both need to be moved separately. This is quite easy to do once you have completed your previous steps. You can relax a bit and prepare for the move!

Packing the bunk bed and moving it

Everyone who needs to move, needs to pack and prepare as well. Bunk beds are no different than anything else you have ever packed in your life. Although they are (usually) the heaviest item you have ever had the need to pack. So, if you have executed the disassembling process correctly, the only thing left to do is to pack your bunk bed and to prepare it for the move. As always, we will provide a quick guide on how to disassemble and pack and move your bunk bed.

Step 1 – Sort everything in order

If you wish to disassemble and pack your bunk bed, you need to sort it in order first so that you can assemble it later. You need to reverse the order of disassembly in order to assemble it successfully, so retrace the steps of the previous guide. For example, if you removed the mattresses last during the disassemblement process, you need to add them first during the rassemblement process and so on. The most important thing is to keep track of everything you did, and do the opposite once you need to assemble it.

bunk bed

Step 2 – Read Step 1 again and pack the bunk bed accordingly

In order to pack the bunk bed accordingly, you need to remind yourself of everything you have done while disassembling the bed and start packing it as soon as you have completed the process. So, the last things you did for the disassemblement are the first to be packed and labeled so that you can assemble the bed easier when you arrive at your desired destination. Unfortunately, the bunk bed is so heavy that you might require aid to transport it to your desired location. The following step will help you out with this one.

Step 3 – Get help in order to transport the packed bunk bed

Usually, you should never be able to easily transport a bunk bed (even an unpacked one) so we highly recommend that you get help from friends or a moving company. Brentwood movers are just one of the many examples of the reliable companies who can help you out when you need to move your bunk bed. A phone call and relaxation after a few minutes when you realize that you will not be the one who will be moving the bunk bed to your new location.

Step 4 – Make sure to retrace the steps once again

Opposite actions usually demand opposite reactions. Your reaction to disassemblement should be assemblement and what better way to assemble the bed than by doing the opposite of disassemblement. Do not forget that it is the crucial thing to do once your bunk bed is safely moved to the new location. Carefully choose as spot for your bunk bed (you don’t want to have to disassemble and pack a bunk bed again) and put this chapter to rest once you complete your final part of the process. The time for relaxation can finally begin in either of the two bunks.

After you have completed the entire process, you will find yourself lying comfortably in the bunk bed. It sure was a hard process to get the bunk bed where it is now. Congratulate yourself, your family, your friends and the moving companies for an awesome job. It allowed you to be as happy as you are right now in your new home and in your old bunk bed.


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