April 11, 2019

How to calculate moving expenses?

moving expenses

If you have just found out that you will be moving soon, it is time to start planning. Organizing your upcoming move will be quite easy if you calculate your moving expenses in advance. Use our tips and trick to handle this part of the moving preparations like a professional.

Prepare to move like a professional!

So, you just found out you have to move to a new home soon. It is time to organize and prepare for this new change. We all know that relocations can be complicated and hard. However, organizing a move is quite easy if you prepare correctly.
packing box
To prepare your move and avoid all the stress that usually comes with it, make sure you take your time to calculate moving expenses. The best to do that is to put everything on paper and create a moving cost checklist. This step is crucial because knowing your expenses will help you choose a moving company that suits your needs accordingly. The checklist of your costs may include:

  • Your moving expenses
  • Costs of finding a new home
  • The expense of gathering all the necessary paperwork
  • Your traveling expenses etc.

Your movers can also help you calculate your moving expenses. Moving companies like Move On – Nashville, offer a free moving quote as an estimate of your costs. However, you can always use an online moving calculator. A free online moving calculator can give you the estimate. But keep in mind that is just the ballpark estimate. When calculating your moving expenses this way, make sure you don’t look at it as a final figure.

Ask your movers for a moving quote

As we said before, moving companies offer to create a free moving estimate for you. If you decide to calculate moving expenses this way, make sure you ask your movers for a binding moving quote. Only this type of moving quote will give you the exact figure. Other estimates movers offer may be partial and may not include all of your moving costs. Moving companies that don’t offer a binding moving quote may add costs for additional services later. Nobody wants to find out about the extra fees and a new bill after movers arrive with all of his belongings. So, to avoid problems and stress, make sure you get your free moving quote which includes all the services you need.
Professionals advise that you always ask multiple moving companies for a binding quote when calculating your moving expenses. When you do, it will be easier to compare movers, services they offer and the final cost. On the other hand, your movers should always explain in detail a moving quote they provide. You should make sure you know all the details before making an important decision like hiring the perfect company for your relocation.

Calculate moving costs with ease

Calculating your moving costs is quite easy. In case you wish to move on your own, consider everything you will need to move your belongings successfully. You should consider that quality residential movers always use professional moving equipment and tools to relocate home belongings. No matter the type of your move, you should make sure you have help. But also, you should consider renting professional moving equipment to handle every bulky or heavy piece. In case you need help transporting heavy and bulky items like armoires, bed frames, kitchen appliances or your pool table, make sure you have all the necessary equipment on hand.
evaluating moving costs
If moving without the help of a professional moving crew that can help you calculate all the moving expenses in advance, make sure you consider the cost of:

  • Renting a moving truck
  • Buying quality packing supplies
  • Gas and pay tools

It is important to get all the information you need before renting a moving truck. If you are moving on a budget, make sure to do some research. There are numerous companies that offer deals on moving truck rental. Sometimes they also include some other services for the same price. Also, you should make sure you find quality packing supplies to secure your belongings for transport. Professional movers can offer quality packing supplies. However, the cost may be high. But there are always big hardware stores in your area that may offer standard packing supplies that cost less.

How to cut your moving expenses?

When moving on a budget, every dollar counts. If moving expenses are your primary concern, you should consider lowering those expenses. It is easy to cut your moving costs if you have enough time to prepare for the move. However, even without much time, it is possible to lower the price of your move if you stay focused and invest effort and free time.
saving money
The first step is always decluttering your home. Make sure to put aside all the items you don’t need. Old clothes you don’t fit or wear anymore and other items you already plan to replace will just add weight to your moving cargo. Get rid of all those items you planned but have never used. They only collect dust and moving expenses. While decluttering your home, try to stay rational and lose all those items you rarely use. Small items that collect dust, old CDs, DVDs, tapes, records you don’t use and similar items shouldn’t be in your way when you wish to relocate on a budget. Old magazines and books you don’t read may experience the same faith.
If your goal is to downsize moving expenses, consider selling the items you no longer need. Organizing a garage sale, selling items online or giving them away to charity can be a way for you to earn some money while moving your home. In the end, your new home will have more free space, and you will room for new items.


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