December 7, 2017

Home Packing Services 101: Packing Tips by the Pros

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When people are starting a business or have a business they are currently running, most often the goal is to establish or manage systems that can allow the business to run efficiently. All the parts are figured out and connected correctly, all pieces are tightly secured, so that now you can simply manage what has been built. Even if the system is built and running, there can always be improvements. The development of the system or, set of business procedures, is the blueprint to a smooth running operation. And should always be a main focus.

While we were developing and growing Move On – Nashville Movers in the early stages, one of the biggest challenges was setting strict procedure around every aspect of the business while simultaneously trying to establish a better industry standard. It took over 2 years for us to get everything figured out. Even now, we are constantly improving on our procedures and processes to create the “ultimate machine.” The idea is to be able to train your employees to understand and be fluent with what you set in place and then manage their production. When our trucks break down, we have a procedure in place to get that moving truck up and running as quickly as possible. When our professional movers show up to your house, there is a procedure and process to get the job started. We’ve dialed in on our home packing services and moving services to make every move as smooth as possible.

One small but very important piece to us starting a job, is installing a home protection kit at every job. This includes a door protectors, door jamb protectors, floor runners and rail protectors. While very simple to execute, many moving companies fail to do this.

Everyone wants to tell someone how to do something and then let them do it. Expecting that they will take this information and run with it. This is definitely not the case in real life. People will forget, cut corners or execute incorrectly over time.

Once you set a procedure in place and train your employees, you must continue to manage and oversee their production. One way we like to do this is by conducting point checks for jobs on a daily basis. Although we hire the best Tennessee movers to provide home packing services and all your moving needs, and we train, train, train until it becomes monotonous, it’s still vital to do ongoing training and management of the operation. This constant impression on our employees sets a tone and expectation for their job. It’s never enough to just tell someone something, you must constantly instill the value of your systems and procedures on your employees.

Establishing systems for every aspect of your business will greatly improve the success of the business. Even if you are the one who is conducting the in-home estimates, there should be a system in place. You never know when you will not be able to conduct the estimate and will need to be able to hand the task off to someone who can easily understand what to do.

The best example of this is in the franchising model. When franchising, you must be able to hand someone information and say, “here, this is how you do everything.” Although this is an oversimplified version of franchising, it still highlights the importance of having a system and procedure in place for everything your business does. It allows everyone who may perform a duty to be on the same page and conduct the job in the same way. On the opposite end of this is how your customer experience will be perceived. If the business has great systems in place, the customer is going to have a much better experience. A great experience from the customer will translate into more business and a healthy company.

Many times through the hiring and replacement of key positions, the ability to easily communicate a process and procedure will allow there to be little downtime when experiencing turnover. At Move On, we place great importance on this and are proud of what we have developed. It is very common to hire a mover and when they show up they just start working and seem to be all over the place.

The majority of experiences, sadly enough, leaves customers feeling overwhelmed. Not only does that affect the customer but it affects the movers and allows problems to easily occur in what should be a simple moving process. This is why we are so passionate about our procedures and systems, it provides a great experience for our customers. When we show up to a job, we want our customers to feel like they couldn’t be in better hands. We want everything to look the same, feel the same, and be executed in the exact same way every time, so you can always rely on us. For the best moving experience out there, whether it be needing our home packing services or commercial relocation services, call us today!!


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