March 30, 2022

5 Tips for Moving With Pets

Dog's head sticking out of an open moving box

Just like humans, animals can get stressed when something unexpected happens—like moving to a brand-new environment. Think about the first time you brought your pet home: They had to adjust to the new space before they were fully comfortable. While moving isn’t an easy task for anyone involved, there are a few ways to help your furry friends out and make their moving experience a bit calmer.

Contact Your Vet

Moving to a new city or across state lines? Get in touch with your veterinarian’s office to let them know you’re leaving, access your pet’s records, and acquire any medications before you head out. Plus, they might have a recommendation about a vet in your new area, so it’s worth asking them before turning to Google.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Having a pet means having a lot of items (toys, brushes, etc.) all over the house, and you don’t want them scattered around on moving day. Plus, you don’t want your pet to have nothing once you’re in your new home.

Just like you would pack a box or bag of essential items for yourself, do the same for your animals! Prep them an overnight bag that includes:

  • Food and water bowls—with enough food for a few days
  • A few toys
  • Blanket
  • Grooming tools
  • Litter (for cats)

Couple taping up a moving box with a dog in the background

Keep Your Pet Secluded

Whether you make a room in your apartment/house for your pet, put them out in the yard, take them to a kennel for a day, or leave them with a friend or family member, keeping your pets secluded from the action of moving can reduce their anxieties. That way, they’re not scared and won’t try to flee once you start loading everything up into the truck.

The same can be said about moving in. Once you get to your new place, don’t let your pets out to explore on their own. Either keep them in their crate while you move everything in or give them a room where they can get settled.

Take Your Pet in Your Car

Before you load up the car, give your pets time to get used to their crates. You can do this by putting food in it, giving them treats after having crate time, and carrying them around the house in it. Once moving day rolls around, they’ll be more familiar with the look and feel of the crates and won’t be as stressed.

Update their Tags

No one likes the idea of their pets getting loose from the house. It’s important to update their information on the off chance it does happen once you’re in a new neighborhood. Switch the collar tags and microchips to your new address and phone number as close to your moving date as possible.

Moving can already be a hassle without worrying about an animal’s well-being. When you work with a crew of moving professionals like the ones here at Move On, we can take care of the moving from start to finish while you can focus on your furry friends. Ready to let someone else handle your move? Get a free quote from Move On today!


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