January 8, 2019

Where to get free packing supplies?

guy carrying boxes after trying to get free packing supplies

Residential moving can be an expensive endeavor, and you should explore and research for every way possible to diminish the cost of the move. One of the ways to do this is getting a free quote. There are companies that are willing to do so if they are sure that you will use their services. When thinking of how to reduce the cost of the move, you will eventually come to the notion that you can get some of the packing supplies for free, such as boxes. There are many places you can get your free boxes. In this article, we will look for the ways to do so. If you do this correctly, you will reduce the cost of your move significantly, and the only thing you will need to worry about is getting a reliable moving company and conducting your move accordingly. So, let us not waste any more time and get right into it!

Ordering free boxes from the Post Office

You can get free packing supplies from the Post Office if you plan on shipping your items via the Priority Mail. They will send you the boxes to your home address, so you will not even have to go to your local Post Office to get them. You will get boxes of all shapes and sizes so you can pack your items accordingly. However, they will not issue them if you do not plan on using their Priority Mail services. This is why you need to research what they have to offer, and the pricing. By doing this you will make your move more organized. Check with your moving company of choice and see which one comes out cheaper.

Different sizes of boxes will matter when deciding how many moving boxes do you need.
There are many ways to get free boxes!

Finding a freecycle group

Freecycling is a non-profit movement made for trading recyclable materials. This is a new community that aims at actually recycling used materials or to reuse them in their current form of existence. You can visit their website and either look for offers or just make a request for your free boxes. make sure to offer something in return.  The community works on an honor system so make sure to honor it. Pun intended.

Asking your friends and family

Your friends and family will always help you when you are in need. The only thing you need to do is ask them. Maybe someone from your family, or friend group, has moved recently, and still have some boxes or packing supplies lying around. Your friends can even help you with the rest of the moving process, such as packing and moving the boxes to the moving truck. However, this is probably included in the cost of the whole moving process given to you by your company. Maybe there is a way to reduce the cost by removing some of the services that they want to provide to you. Move On – Nashville Movers will always cater to all your needs at a reasonable price. Be sure to check them out! They may even instruct you on how to get free packing supplies.

Make sure to ask your friends and family!

Checking with local stores

Checking with furniture stores

Furniture stores will probably have a lot of leftover plastic wrap and boxes. There is a lot of furniture that goes through the store, and they sure have some extra boxes in their warehouse. Aside from boxes, they may have foam peanuts, which are used when packing fragile items. Put the fragile item in a box and then fill the gaps with the foam peanuts. They may also have extra Styrofoam. Styrofoam can be used to secure boxes, so they are more sturdy, and also prevent the items inside from tumbling. You only need to speak to the general manager in order to organize the pickup.

Checking in with grocery stores

These stores should also have a lot of spare boxes and supplies. They get daily deliveries and they probably store them somewhere for later dumping. Speak to the store manager and see if you can get some free packing supplies.

Checking with liquor stores

Liquor stores receive their shipments in boxes. Some of these boxes are special cellular boxes. This type of box is good for storing smaller items because it is divided in special compartments, cells. For example, wine is shipped in these boxes and several bottles can fit without touching one another. If you get this type of box it will make your move and packing a lot easier. Check with the manager on how and why to organize a pickup.

Check in with a gift shop

Gift shops usually have a lot of breakable items and the arrive in boxes and have safe cushioning. If you go here and ask them for supplies, then you will get not only boxes, but also wrap, and packing paper, and maybe even foam peanuts.

Plastic wrap
Plastic wrap will help you when packing.

Dumpster diving

Check out dumpsters of different types of stores or factories, they may have thrown away boxes that you can use. This is risky because you do not know what was inside the boxes, and is it safe to use them for moving your items. It is best to check around the neighborhood and see if some of your neighbors moved in recently. If not, just look around the cardboard and paper dumpsters to see if you can find some boxes or at least some newspapers you can use to wrap your items. Ask them if they have some as well. They may have them stored in their basement or attic.

Put out an advertisement and get free packing supplies

You can do this by going to a radio station, or a local TV studio, or a newspaper, so they put a small ad with your number on it. You can also put it on noticeboards and different places around the town. Consider putting an advertisement on social media as well. You may be surprised at the number of people contacting you about your issue. There are people that want to get rid of boxes but do not want to just throw them away. They will be ready to help you if they see your advertisement.


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