January 27, 2019

What packing materials should you use when moving home?

A packing paper and a heart

Moving your whole household is a serious task. That is why you should get all the help you need. Firstly, make sure to start early with all the plans. You need to develop some serious organizational skills if you already hadn’t. As soon as you decide to move, you should start writing your checklists. They are the best way for making sure nothing gets forgotten. Whether with things to do, buy, or pack, checklists will make your life a lot easier. One of the things to plan ahead is a selection of packing materials. For that, you should know exactly how many stuff you are taking with you. Of course, before you start packing, you should have already finished with purging and garage sales. After you decide what goes to charities and what to trash or for recycling, you will have the final amount of items to pack.

The packing materials you need

Before you start packing, you should figure out whether you are moving by yourself, or with the help of professionals like Move On  – Nashville movers or others. Unless you were living in just one room with a few basic belongings, you will probably need some help to relocate all you have. Sometimes people use the help of their families, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Perhaps you are moving to a different state, so you can’t expect friends and family to obligate to that serious task. Nevertheless, you can always count on a good moving company to step up and help you with relocation. Trust me, the money you pay will be worth the hassle that goes with moving.

The must-haves

Packing materials - boxes

As you know, some things are debatable, and others are not when it comes to packing. If you hire a good Nashville packing service, you will not have to worry about having the right packing materials or enough of them. Nashville moving  professionals have experience, so they know how much stuff to use, in what way to use them the best and to do it quickly. Certainly faster than you could pack anything. So, here are the packing materials you will need for sure:

  1. cardboard moving boxes,
  2. wrapping materials,
  3. labeling materials.

Obtaining those stuff will make your move not only safer but also less stressful. That’s why you should pay attention and don’t take anything for granted.

Cardboard moving boxes

Well, these are really the moving essentials. You can’t imagine moving without seeing any boxes. Some of them you already have. Maybe you saved boxes from kitchen appliances, so now you could reuse them. Of course, if they are in a good condition. You don’t want your toaster falling through the bottom of the box. Not only you could break the appliance, but you could also break a toe, or worse. So, it’s not really important for boxes just to be free, you need them to be in a reusable condition. Find out where to find quality moving boxes in Nashville, that will be affordable. And also much safer than your old ones. Have in mind to use smaller boxes for heavier stuff, like plates, and bigger for the lighter items like pillows.

There are also specialty moving boxes, that you could get. Most of them come with frame protectors, that will keep your valuable items safer. Use them for artwork, mirrors, expensive lamps, and musical instruments.

Cardboard pieces

Wrapping materials

Having boxes is a must, but putting things in them without any support can be dangerous. That’s why you need something to keep the items apart in boxes and prevent the damages. So, after you get a moving estimate from at least three moving companies, ask them about packing materials and if they have everything you need. Including wrapping materials. Don’t just settle for the boxes, because you will also need:

  • Packing paper – use this most common of packing materials for wrapping items to prevent them from scratching and exchanging colors. Either you go for the white one or the brown one, it doesn’t matter, just give it a good twist around your belongings.
  • Bubble wrapfor the most damage-prone items. It’s not for nothing that you get your deliveries packed in a bubble wrap. No one wants to take a chance with electronics or glass on the lamp you buy online.
  • Plastic wrap – also called a stretch wrap. Use it for keeping things in place and securing furniture drawers and doors from opening or touching each other.
  • Moving blankets – used mostly for big furniture pieces and electronic appliances. Not only they are good providers of softness, but they are also great protection from the cold. Which is necessary if you are moving in the winter months.

Labeling materials

Markers in colors

Packing all your stuff in boxes and wrapping everything up in paper, blankets and bubble wrap is a big job. So it would be a really big shame if you didn’t finish the job properly. Imagine doing all that stuff, loading your belongings to a truck and then unloading them. And then you don’t know what goes where?! That is why it’s very important to label the boxes. People tend to take this part of packing materials for granted, but labeling is a life-saver.

Use different colors of packing tape, to distinguish the room, for example. You can even buy labels for the boxes on Amazon or other sites. If not, just use a marker and write on every box where it goes and what’s in it. You will thank yourself later when the unpacking time comes. Of course, make sure to write important remarks like “this side up” or “fragile” to secure safer handling of those boxes.

The packing materials you already have

Suitcase and photos

Perhaps you can only afford some of the packing materials. Maybe you are moving to Nashville on a budget, so you need to be careful with money. No problem. You already have some stuff around your house that you can use for safer packing. Put your books in the suitcases you use for travels. Children toys can go into every bucket and basket you have. Leave the stuff in drawers to save space and time, and use trash bags for the other clothes. Of course, your old blankets, bed sheets, and towels are great for wrapping, just like the newspaper you have in the house.

As you can see, the most important thing is to relocate your belongings safely. So use the packing materials you have around the house, and buy the rest. After you finish with the moving, some recycling center will be very happy to see you.


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