December 6, 2018

Tips to help you stay organized during a move

Staying organized during a move requires certain tools - learn which.

Moving is hard. It is a very stressful event which can cause a lot of anxiety to you and your family. So, you have to be prepared for this endeavor, because that is the only way for it to go stress-free. The most crucial thing in the whole moving process is to be organized. Proper organization can make the job a lot easier. The second most important thing is not to panic. Panicking can cause additional problems that would not have arisen if you had stayed calm, to begin with. There will be many surprises during your move and panicking should be avoided at all costs. Utilizing affordable packing services and maintaining organization reduce the chance of panic attacks. Yet, be prepared for potential surprising problems, and think of possible solutions for each one. We will walk you through the organization process. So, here are the tips to stay organized during a move.

Make a To-do list

This is the first step in successfully moving to Nashville. By knowing what needs to be done and when the move will feel like a walk in the park. The first thing you need to do is to pick a date and look for a reliable moving company. Do this by looking at reviews and services each company offers. Be wary of fake reviews though, because some scammer companies resort to these methods. You will also need to get a precise moving estimate Nashville. By doing this you will know how much the moving process will cost.

A checklist is perfect to help you stay organized during a move.
A moving checklist is a sure way to keep track of everything

Before getting an estimate, though, you will need to create an inventory to see which things you won’t move, and which items you do not need. Write down all the questions you want to ask your movers. This will keep you safe from forgetting to ask something important. Think about how you will pack everything, or consider hiring professional packers. Keep this list all throughout your move. It will make the job feel like a breeze.

Make an inventory

Creating an inventory is the second step for a successful move. You need to know every single thing you want to move and where it is located. A good way to do this is to get different-sized moving boxes. If you have different sized boxes, you can write down in your inventory which size corresponds to which type of item. Another good idea for box organization is color marking. You can use different colored stickers to know the type of items in the box.

guy carrying boxes
Different sized boxes will help you organize better

You can also use this to divide your belongings by room. For example, use the blue or black sticker for your bedroom, because it symbolizes night and sleep. The symbolic association will help you memorize the inventory better. You can even make a more extensive inventory by writing down every item contained by a certain box. All of this will help you stay organized during a move.

Another good idea is to carry a moving supplies box. This box can contain scissors, plastic wrap, paper, colored stickers, tape, and everything else you deem necessary for packing and moving. If can be quite an inconvenience if you suddenly lose your tape, or you leave your colored stickers in another room while packing a box, and suddenly you forget what you put in it.

Take pictures of your belongings

This will help you stay organized during a move a lot. By doing this you will know where everything is supposed to be, and how you packed it. You can take pictures of your wiring for home appliances, and snap the insides of boxes. This will make your inventory even more extensive and you will have proof if the moving company tries to do some shady stuff.

You should also look for other guides on the internet on how to pack certain rooms. There are many different tricks on how to pack, for example, kitchen utensils, and others that explain how to pack

Put all your documents in one place

This will help you make sure you will not lose anything. Take your to-do list and your inventory list, and put them in a single folder. These will later be joined by your estimate, bill of lading and other important moving documents. Always keep the moving company contact number in this folder, or even in your wallet or pockets, so you can call them should the need arise.

Hire professional packers

This is a very good idea if you can fit it in your financial plan. This way you will not need to worry about the way you packed certain things and help you stay organized during a move. The professionals know what needs to be done and they will do it correctly. If you have fragile things, it is better to leave packing to the pros. They will also do it a lot faster than you, and more efficient. There are also moving companies that offer packing services. Our reliable long distance movers Tennessee are one of them. If you are based in Tennessee and want a reliable moving and packing services, you will know who to call.

Professional packers will make the job a lot easier

Moving apps to help you stay organized during a move

There are many moving apps that can help you stay organized during a move. These apps can help you find homes, sell stuff you do not need, but the best one is Sortly which is an organizer app. You can do all of the aforementioned things with this app. It can take pictures of your boxes, mark each one with a certain tag, make notes, and more. Use technology to your advantage!


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