December 20, 2018

A timeline for your upcoming move

timeline for your upcoming move

Moving locally can get quite complicated and stressful. However, you can uncomplicate the relocation process when you prepare in advance and stay organized during the move. You will reduce stress and stay on track without difficulty if you create a timeline for your upcoming move. Cross off the items on your moving list as you go and prepare for the moving day with ease.

Timeline for your upcoming move

Reliable movers with experience will advise that you start preparing for a move at least few months before the moving day. However, sometimes you may need more time in case you are organizing an international move. When organizing a local move, you may not need as much time. On the other hand, it is best to prepare a timeline for your upcoming move and have a few days extra. If you do,  moving to Tennessee will be the easiest thing to do. Keep in mind that the timeline is different for every relocation. It is best to create your own moving timeline and list all move-related tasks. Use our guide as an example of a timeline for your upcoming move.

A calendar.

8 Weeks Before the Move

When putting together your moving list, you should make sure you have a specific folder of a file to put all of your move related paperwork. This way you will stay organized and avoid losing any of the important moving documents, insurance documents or receipts. If it is easier for you, use your computer to make the timeline of your upcoming move, checklist and the list of your inventory before the move.

After you make a plan, it is essential to find a reliable relocation company to move your belongings. Before you start browsing the internet, consider that you should contact the moving company after you declutter your home. This first organizing stage is crucial because you may find potential moving companies in your area to help you relocate. Keep in mind that quality Move On – Nashville Moving professionals can help you organize your move. There is another benefit of finding reliable movers in this early stage – they may offer discounts on a moving service you acquire.

7 Weeks before the move

When organizing the timeline for your upcoming move, you should reserve the seventh week before the moving day for decluttering. Consider the space you are moving into. If moving to a smaller home, make sure to downsize your moving load. Get rid of all the old items in your home, especially those small things you plan to replace. Make sure to sort out your belongings and divide everything into piles for:

  • Toss
  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Donate

When you go through all of your belongings, consider putting aside the items you can sell. You can sell those items online. However, you can consider organizing a garage sale and get rid of those items you will never use again.

6 Weeks before the move

After you know which items you plan to relocate, make sure to ask more than one moving company for the moving quote. They will provide the estimate of your moving costs and will have enough time to compare quotes and movers before hiring them. After you decide on the best moving company for your relocation, it is time to get all the packing supplies you will need to pack everything. In some cases, when moving internationally, your moving company may include the packing service into the final moving cost. If this is your situation, discuss details with your movers before buying packing supplies.

There is another step you should take during the sixth week before your move – collect your medical records. In case you have children, make sure to get their school records too.

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4 Weeks before the move

It is time for packing. While packing, make sure to make an inventory list for all the belongings you pack. It will serve you later for unpacking without difficulty. On the other hand, it is great to have your inventory list for insurance purposes. When packing, consider labeling each box you pack.

It is imperative that you consult your moving company about the timeline for your upcoming move. The movers you hire will already make the arrangements and provide a possible moving date and the delivery date for your belongings. Also, when packing on your own, your movers will give you the list of items you shouldn’t pack. Those forbidden items include flammable and hazardous materials, plants, pets, machinery that uses fuel, etc.

3 Weeks before the move

Your moving day is getting closer. It is time to notify your current landlord about the moving date and to change your address. If you are moving within the same country, you will also wish to schedule the transfer of your utilities. On the other hand, if moving with your vehicle, consider getting it serviced. Your mechanic should check everything before you can travel safely to your new home.

2 Weeks before the move

When you have only two weeks until your movers load your belongings onto the moving truck, it is best you finish packing. Pack the rest of your essential belongings into a box with essentials. Your movers may avoid moving valuable items with the rest of your boxes. For security reasons, you should pack all of your valuables, cash, important moving documents and passports in a separate bag. This way you will be able to take all of your valuables with you.

The day before the move

Moving day is tomorrow, and you still have to defrost your fridge and freezer. Let them defrost and dry overnight. When they are clean and dry, it will be easy to pack them with the rest of your home appliances.


On a moving day, you can put a final check on a document – timeline for your upcoming move. When your movers arrive, save your strength because you will still have to clean your residence before your landlord comes to inspect everything.


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