March 11, 2019

The most beautiful towns in Tennessee

Nashville panorama

Deciding to move into a new home is always going to be a very big decision. You don’t just move to a new home, but you also leave the old one behind. That is not an easy thing to do for the majority of people. Still, it is important to keep an open mind and be hopeful towards the coming future. There are many important characteristics that you should look for in your potential new hometowns. Finding quality moving services, a good transportation system, and a good education system, etc . . . the factors are numerous. One of them is, of course, the feeling the city invokes in you as you walk its streets. The state of Tennessee is not the most luxurious of states in the USA, but it has a lot of offer. We have, thus, prepared a list of the most beautiful towns in Tennessee.

The most beautiful towns in Tennessee – Nashville

One of the most important cities in Tennessee is definitely Nashville, as it is the state’s capital, but also the second biggest city here. Named after a general from the American Revolutionary War, Francis, Nash, Nashville is also one of the most beautiful towns in Tennessee. It is called the “Music City” thanks to many musical events throughout the year, such as the Irish Fest. What makes a city beautiful is not just its architecture, but also what the atmosphere in it is like. And the overall atmosphere here is wonderful as the people are relaxed and cheerful. Nashville is very well organized a place and this makes it really attractive. Tourists here are always welcome, but so are new residents.

Nashville is one of the most beautiful towns in Tennessee

This city is a perfect place for families as there are many playgrounds for children which is always an important feature. This means that children can be seen all over the place, brightening the place up with their games and laughter. The fact that Nashville is by the Cumberland River that comes from the Appalachian Mountains is very important. It gives the city’s residents and visitors a lot of options for choosing where to go every day. The waterfront is really great, and you can see a lot of people walking there all the time. The Bicentennial Capitol Mall States Park and the wonderful state capitol building are on a mesmerizing, steep hill. There are also many great restaurants, museums, and a lot of vivid countryside scenery. Whether you want to move here or just visit, you will fall in love with Nashville.

The most beautiful towns in Tennessee – Franklin

Franklin is a city 20 miles to the south of Nashville, in Williamson County. This ever-expanding city has seen a huge surge of interest as the number of residents has been steadily rising, leading to Franklin movers having their hands full all the times. The reasons for this are many. The fact that it is less than an hours drive from the capital is surely worth mentioning. There are many green areas around the city, which makes walking around it all the more interesting.

a park

One of the nicest things here is the Carnton and Carter houses. These two are old homes that played a major part in the Battle of Franklin, during the Civil War. They are very important historical landmarks and as such are in very good condition. Throughout the year people are coming here on regular basis, as there are many interesting events happening. The Main Street Festival is one of the most notable ones, accompanied by the Wine Down Main Steet Festival, Dickens of Christmas and Pumpkinfest.

The most beautiful towns in Tennessee – Gallatin

Gallatin is not the most well-known of towns in Tennessee, but it is one of the most beautiful ones, that is for sure. Gallatin movers have experienced a recent increase in the number of people coming here, as it is becoming more and more desirable a place to live in. It is a small place of around 33,000 people, but it has a lot to offer. There is a magnificent theater called the Palace, that was built in 1908. The Sumner County Museum is also a very notable place, as it is home to a lot of important historical artifacts. There are as many as six big parks in Gallatin, which is for such a small town, more than enough. The Old Hickory Lake is another important must-see spot here, as it plays a major role in the city’s life.

The most beautiful towns in Tennessee – Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee. This is one of the most iconic places in the United States and even in the whole wide world. Why? Well, it is the ‘Birthplace of Rock and Roll!’ Also, called the ‘Blues City’, Memphis is a place with a very special feeling to it. As the largest city on the Mississippi River, it has a lot of memorable sites to see. The amazing views of the waterfronts are one of the symbols of the city. They are beautiful and very well organized, and paired with the colorful sunsets beyond the Mississipi bridge, they are one of the most beloved spots in Memphis.

a neon sign for a Hard Rock Caffe

The riverfront of Memphis creates the famous River Walk. There are many parks around the city and entire systems of alluring parks lead to downtown Memphis. One of the most important ones is, without any doubt, the Missispit River’s Greenbelt Park. Nightlife here is neverending and people here are always positive and cheerful. There are many great restaurants and pubs where you can go to. Also, on Beale Street, there are a lot of various museums. The view from there is mesmerizing and represents one of the loveliest spots in Memphis.


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