Furniture Moving

Have you found yourself with some heavy furniture you are unable to move yourself? Or have a storage unit full of antiques you would like transported carefully? Look no further than Move On! Regardless of your needs, we understand that the transportation of your furniture is a delicate process. At times, many people have furniture that has been passed down for generations. We understand how valuable these items are to you and desire to help take the necessary precautions to ensure your valuables are protected and secured during the moving process. Our crew has the equipment and the moving vehicles available to assist you in moving your furniture for you.

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Trained Professionals To Ensure the Best Care

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Furniture Handling Professionals

Many moving companies house various employees who are all physically capable of lifting and carrying your heavy possessions. However, not every moving company can assure you that your valuables will be given the best care possible and that their crew will make precautionary preparations in order to ensure your furniture is safe throughout the entire moving process. 

However, Move On assures its customers that they will be given the best, most reliable, and professional level of service possible. A level of service which guarantees complete customer satisfaction. We take the necessary steps to ensure our movers are prepared for any kind of moving service. Not only do they undergo strenuous physical training, but also undergo various character building and servant leadership based training in order for you to have a satisfying moving experience accomplished by men are strong in body, mind, and heart.

Our moving crew is trained to properly pack, carefully carry and move, safely transport, and unload your furniture in a way that will set your mind at ease knowing your family heirlooms were shown the best care. Trust Move On with your furniture moving needs. We can assure you will not be disappointed.

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Consultation & Pricing


Every Move On moving process begins with either communicating with one of our consultants over the phone or through email. Once provided with your moving needs and details our consultants will be able to set up a site overview, begin assisting you with scheduling a moving date, accessing the possible equipment and supplies needed for the move, and give you an initial quote as to how much the moving process will cost.

General Information & Pricing

We ask that you would provide us with the following information:

  • The type of furniture you need relocated
  • How much furniture you have
  • The size of your furniture
  • How heavy it may be
  • The addresses for the current and new location

Once the scheduled walk-through takes place and our team has a better idea of what they are looking at, you will be provided with a final quote which will include any taxes as well as the necessary insurance for your move. That’s right, no hidden fees or any unsuspected charges! Move On prides itself in offering an honest, reliable, and cost-efficient moving process.

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Professional Handling and Transportation

The worst experience you can have during the moving process is for your furniture to be mishandled and suffer damage. We would absolutely hate for you to have to endure the unnecessary results from lack of care and proper handling. That is why once our crew has had a chance to review your moving needs, they will begin handling the heavy work for you. 

Move On’s relocation crew will take the necessary precautions during the initial steps of the moving process. To ensure that each piece of furniture is given the attention it deserves, our moving professionals will properly wrap and pad all of your furniture before moving it out of your house. 

Our moving trucks will also provide your furniture with the appropriate space and padding to ensure a safe travel time. Many times, the damaging of many moving service customers’ goods take place during the transportation period. We desire to set your mind at peace and take the necessary precautions to ensure your furniture is protected and secured during the transportation process.

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If you find that you are capable of moving all of your furniture on your own, but do not have the necessary supplies to ensure a completely safe and well protected relocation, look no further than Move On! We are well stocked with all of your packing needs. Whether you need padded blankets, stretch wrap, boxes, or straps, we can supply you with any of the packing materials you find you are lacking for relocation your furniture.

Order $150 or over worth of supplies and you will receive free shipping straight to your front door! Have any of our materials left over? We offer credit for any unused materials you may have left over. We respect our customers and know there’s no sense in paying for unused goods. However, they must be just that. We require that any left over materials are unopened or unused products in order to make due on our return service.

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Wide Variety of Moving Services

Although we are fully capable of taking care of any of your furniture moving needs, we also offer a wide variety of moving services!

Local Moving

Considering moving within the Greater TN area? Move On finds this service to be the most enjoyable! As a Tennessee based company, we take pride in our hometown and would love to assist you in moving to any of the neighboring counties in this area.

Long Distance Moving

Have you decided to start a new life in a different state or has your job relocated you on the opposite side of Tennessee? Move On’s long distance moving crew is fully capable of helping take the stress out of intrastate relocation.

Office Moving

In need of your office to be moved locally or out-of-state? Our professional crew can take care of any and every office relocation need! Our office movers are trained and fully prepared to help aid you in your office moving needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible! We can even tackle an office relocation over a single weekend!

That’s not all! Move On also provides many other moving services! Check out our website or call us today for more information!

Choose Move On!

As you can see, Move On is fully capable of providing you with any and every moving service available. Consider giving a local moving company a chance—we promise you will receive the best care possible. Whether it is moving a few pieces of furniture or relocating a three story mansion, Move On will gladly provide you with the kind of service you need and deserve. Give us a call today and let us know how we may assist you.

We Service All of the Greater TN Area

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