December 21, 2017

Making Moving Easy With Home Moving Services

A person laying on the ground underneath moving boxes

Booking a move and using professional movers should make moving easy. Or.. Easier… When you use Move On for your home moving services or commercial relocation, we make the process as simple as possible from beginning to end. Our goal is to make the move not just easier on you, but enjoyable as well.

Determining how large your move will be is one of the first things we do. If you are only needing one truck, we will not interrupt your week with an in-home estimate. Any moves (requiring two or more trucks, we will likely need to interrupt your week with one of our knowledgeable, strapping Nashville movers, to give you a free in-home estimate.)

Once we receive your deposit and schedule your move, we will send you an email confirmation. The email will contain all of your move details, as well as information about us. Including, our Certificate of Insurance, as well as our Professional Reference Page that some say we had to “Move A Mountain” to achieve. Literal mountain of course.

On the day of your move, our movers will arrive within the scheduled window. The first thing our Nashville movers do is introduce themselves to you, and conduct a walk-through to make sure that everyone is on the same page. After the walk-through is complete, the crew will place a door jamb protector, door protector, floor runner and rail protection if needed. Once we begin work, we will start pad wrapping everything in the house that needs protection. The sofa you spent two weeks finding, and then met your sofa love at that one amazing moment. The armoire (make sure you don’t pronounce the second “r” it’s very important to respect our French comrades) you tirelessly searched for. Those are the items that we will, as one client referred to it, “become one with the piece.” After we carefully and strategically load our truck with all of your items, we depart for the unload.

The unload is almost always much faster than the load-up, unless you live on top of a volcano that our truck cannot pull up. Even in situations like this, the unload is still typically much faster. After all of your items have been carefully unloaded and placed where you want them, we will conduct one last walk-through to make sure everything is satisfactory. Once you are happy with the move, you will sign off on the job and make payment to our Crew Lead, who will process your payment on the spot. We accept check, cash or card. Card payments of more than $2,000 will have a 3% fee attached to it. We do not take unwanted items to the dump. If you need to get rid of items, often times our crew will gladly take the item(s) off of your hands.

We pride ourselves in being the best and doing the best work, but even Jordan was 50% in the clutch. In the rare times that during the move damage is identified, or post- move you discover damage, we will not be the movers who run and hide in a hole and throw responsibility and integrity out of the window. In handling damages, we will either have quality repairs made or come to a fair agreement that both parties can be happy with. Our customers have found that this is one of the many stark differences in how we operate vs. “the other guys”, and why our online reviews are the best across the board.

As it stands, we believe our home moving services, professional moving processes and Nashville movers will hands down give you the best experience. The best part about that, we are never satisfied.

We will never stop improving on ourselves and what we offer. We will never be complacent. Our goal is to not just be the best movers in town, but to be one of the best companies and top work

places. This is the dedication you will get when you choose us to handle your professional moving needs. Whether you need our home moving services, or just need to ask some questions and get professional moving advice, give us a call today!!


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