October 4, 2018

How to pack fragile and valuable items?

A cup.

Every move carries with it a potential for item damage. Things are being packed, shipped, unpacked and so on. That’s why it’s important to know how to properly pack fragile and valuable items. From sensitive electronics that we depend on to our favorite coffee mugs. Packing everything properly is essential in keeping all our belongings safe during relocation. Here are some tips and tricks on how to pack and protect valuable items.

Supplies needed to pack fragile and valuable items

When you shop for moving supplies it is easy to get confused. There are so many different materials that cover everything you might need. That’s why it’s important to know what packing supplies you will be needing. Some of the essential supplies can include:

  • Moving boxes or bins
  • Packing tape
  • Packing peanuts
  • Protective blankets
  • Packing foam

The first thing you should look at are the boxes. It’s important to find good quality boxes. Also, their size plays a major role in protecting your items. They shouldn’t be too big or too small. But just right for your items. You can buy all sorts of moving boxes Jersey City that can fit almost anything. From a single cup to a TV. They come in all shapes and sizes imaginable. For your valuable items choose more premium boxes. They are thicker and offer much better protection. You might spend a bit more, but it will be worth it when your items arrive undamaged. Make sure you buy enough tape so you can properly close all those boxes. And, plastic wrap is one of the best ways to protect your items. If you are transporting sensitive appliances like TV’s, moving blankets are the best way to go.

How to pack fragile items

Just having the supplies isn’t enough. You need to know how to properly pack everything. You should start by choosing the right box for the item you are packing. Getting a more expensive box is a great start. Thicker boxes offer better protection. But the size also plays a major role. You don’t want your items to be able to move inside the box. Your valuables will spend a lot of time in those boxes. Especially when it comes to long distance move.  And the more they move the greater the likelihood of them getting damaged. So, in order to properly pack fragile and valuable items, you need to fill the empty space inside the box and you can use packing peanuts or packing foam for it.

Protect your items

Using packing foam is a great way to protect your items. It offers great protection from both impacts and vibrations. So, when you pack fragile and valuable items, use plenty of it. First, start by filling empty space inside the item with paper or packing peanuts. After that, you can wrap your items with packing paper. Make sure that when you put your item in the box it can’t move around on its own. Don’t squeeze it in too tightly, as it will put unnecessary pressure on it.

Wrap each item separately

Wrap each item separately. Putting two or more items in a single box and wrapping them together can cause them to break. While yes, it might be easier, it can also cost you after you discover that they are both broken. Movers usually take good care of your belongings. But while on the road a lot of things can happen. One sharp turn can cause your boxes to move slightly. But that can be enough to cause damage to your items.

Use protective blankets for larger items

Larget items are especially difficult to pack. That’s why there is an option to buy or even rent protective blankets. With them, you can cover your larger items and protect them from impact damage. It’s especially useful for home appliances like TVs, microwaves or even washing machines. They are also great when protecting large items from scratches.

Make sure the items are loaded properly

Even if you pack fragile and valuable items properly, stacking boxes on top of each other can cause damage. Packing foam is great for protecting your items from impacts and vibrations. And good quality moving boxes can ensure that slight pressure won’t damage the items inside. But if you put a table on top of your box with glasses you can be sure they will break. That’s why it’s important to take pay attention and to properly load the truck. Try not to stack boxes on top of each other. Even if you put sturdier items on the bottom, fragile and lighter items can easily fall down in sharp turns. So, try and distribute the boxes on the floor of the truck. And if you do stack boxes, make sure that the bottom ones don’t contain fragile items. And that the ones on the top are properly secured.

Make sure your valuables arrive undamaged

You can pack fragile and valuable items perfectly, but if not taken care of, they can still arrive damaged. Hiring a good moving company is essential. Responsible movers will give you tips on how to avoid damage. And will make sure that your items are well taken care of. Reliable moving companies like Move on – Nashville Movers take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of your valuables.  And you can rest assured that everything will arrive in one piece.  Your move will be stress-free and you won’t have to worry when your cargo arrives at your new home.

Save time by hiring professionals

If you don’t have the time or the patience for doing all this delicate work you can always hire professionals to do it for you. Most moving companies offer packing services at a reasonable price. You can relax and plan other details of your move while being sure that your items are packed properly. Professionals know how to pack your valuables. They are usually the ones transporting them. And they know all potential problems that can arise during the move.


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