February 2, 2019

How to find a cheap apartment in Nashville?

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Looking for an apartment can be very fun, but tiring activity. If you are a college student moving to Nashville, getting a cheaper apartment should be your top priority. This will allow you to have an easier life concerning finances. It can be hard to find the right place at the right price because the prices go down if the apartment lacks something. You will have to compromise in order to find the balance between a good price and convenience. After finding the apartment, you just have to find a inexpensive Residential moving company, sign the papers, and enjoy. Nashville has a very good university and many job opportunities which makes it a great place to start a new chapter of your life. In this article, we will talk about finding a cheap apartment in Nashville. So, let us begin, shall we?

Seeing what you can afford

The first thing you should do is determine your financial status. How much can you spend and how much can you save by sacrificing certain things. You can, for example, sacrifice convenience of living downtown. This way you will save money, and also live in a more quiet neighborhood. The cons of this choice are that you will live in a suburban area and will have to use public transportation to get basically anywhere. 
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Search for cheap apartment in Nashville online

There are many websites that can help your search significantly. You can select the price range you can afford and it will filter all the apartments that are viable options for you. One of the cheaper options is looking for people that need roommates. When you live with a roommate, you will split all the expenses. The roommate can even guide you on how to get around the city and what are the best places to eat or go out. However, be wary of online deals. Some can be “too good to be true”. You should always think of the possibility that the owner wants to scam you and always do a background check in order to be sure. Better safe than sorry!
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Use social media

You can employ social media in order to get a cheap apartment in Nashville. If you join a local “apartment hunting” group on Facebook, it can be very helpful. You can even post a request on your profile. Maybe some of your friends know someone who is renting a cheap apartment in Nashville. And before you even know it, you might be moving out of White House to your new rental.

Check the apartments in person

If you can go to the city itself and look for apartments personally, this will be very beneficial to you. Try looking in lower cost areas first. Look for ads in a local newspaper, or on signposts. If you find something of your liking, call the owner and arrange a meeting. Checking out the apartment personally will offer a much better picture on how the life in it can pan out. 

Proximity to public transportation

An important thing if you find an apartment in a suburban area, is to be close to a bus stop, or any other kind of public transportation. Walking long distances can be detrimental to your time management and cause a lot of stress. It is even worse if you have to call taxis in order to get somewhere. It will hurt your budget a lot. Even though public transportation still costs money, it is far less than regularly using a taxi. Be sure to take this into consideration.

Negotiating the price with the landlord

If you find a place that you think should cost less, try negotiating the price with the landlord. The apartment can have some flaws, but if there are some that can severely impair your enjoyment of life, be sure to point it out and try to lower the cost. It probably won’t be the apartment of your dreams, but you still need to have some quality of life in your new cheap apartment in Nashville. 

Check the square footage

When you check the square footage before signing the deal, you can save a lot of money. That is why it is important to go to the apartment personally. To get a feel of how spacious it is. Consider getting a smaller apartment. If you get a one-room studio, you will have less space, but you will save a lot of money, and you can later move to a bigger apartment hopefully.

Taking safety precautions

The apartment you want to live in should be in a safe neighborhood. You do not want to risk a break in, or even worse, being assaulted on the street. This is why you need to check the locks and window hinges. If they are not new or reliable, you should talk to your landlord about changing them. You can also insist on installing a security camera on the building entrance.

Checking for subsidies

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development routinely offers subsidies for those with lower-income jobs who may not be able to afford rent. Search the HUD website to find affordable housing or see if you qualify for subsidies.

Try to find an apartment during the renting offseason

There are times of the year when renting is more prominent. This is due to things like the start of a semester or bad weather. Try to look for apartments when the semester ends because that is when most students will leave their apartments. Use this to your advantage when looking for a place to live. Some people may even move when the winter starts and cold levels start rapidly rising. Consider these options to have a smoother time moving to Nashville.

Yes, you can find cheap apartment in Nashville!

If you are moving to Tennessee, Nashville is probably your best bet. A university, many job opportunities, and generally the feel of a big city will make you want to move as soon as possible. Use this guide to find the best place for you and be ready to sacrifice convenience in order to save money. Good luck with your search!


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