February 10, 2019

Home redecoration tips

A person sitting next to a fireplace and enjoying his living room after home redecoration

Living in the same place for many years may give it a stale feeling. You are so much used to everything in your house that it just becoming boring. A good way to fight this is by redecorating. This can breathe in a new life in your home, whilst still keeping the feeling that it is your own. There are many ways on how to approach a home redecoration.

Moving to Tennessee isn’t enough. You need to make your house feel like home. Do you want to change only the surface elements, or do you want to go deeper? By deeper we mean changing things like your windows or doors. The surface refers to cheap options like a simple repaint or changing door knobs. These cheap home redecoration tips may seem like nothing, but only when you do them will you know how much they can affect the general feel of the house. So, without any further ado, let us begin!

Calculating your finances

Before you start planning and doing anything, you need to know what you can afford. Diving in a home redecoration without considering the costs can be very damaging to your budget. Some changes may seem to be cheap, but when the workers come and tell you the price, they will leave you speechless. They can give you a mind-blowing price for some stuff that seems insignificant to you.  So it is very important to determine what is essential if you are on a tight budget. If you are not, let your imagination run rampant! It is also a good idea to invest in bigger items first. Many interior designers encourage this. When you do this, you will get the expensive items of out the way. Then you can pave the way for cheaper items that serve as decoration such as pillows, bedding, and lighting. 

Making plans for the upcoming home redecorating project

When you determine your budget, whether it’s after a recent move to Nashville or after years of living in your current home, you should consider what your house should look like. Plan ahead on the designs, and what item will fit what. Consider the colors, furniture, accessories and other things. When you plan out your room, do not rush to buy everything. Take your time to choose the perfect cost efficient item. It is never fun to find a perfect bed and waste a big percentage of your redecorating budget on it.  That way you will avoid unpleasant surprises and setbacks.

Thinking of a design

A good idea is to think of a home redecoration design and draw it out. When you do this you will have a general idea and will be able to show it to your workers. It may be harder to explain how you want everything to be out of your head. That is why having a sketch can come in handy. You can even draw a couple of designs and then try to mix them up to get the best one. 


This is the most important part of home redecoration. The furniture takes up most of the space and is the first thing that people see when they enter the room. Most people have the problem with arranging the furniture. They just put the sofa against the wall and arrange everything around it. Try to consider putting a table in the middle of the room with the sofa and chairs around it, not having to touch the walls. This way you will have more breathing space, and you will go through the room easier.  If you find yourself with furniture too heavy to move yourself, considering finding a furniture moving company to assist you.

furniture with a table

Area rugs

This is the tricky part. You want to get a rug that really ties the room together, and this is where people make mistakes. They either get a small rug that makes the room look disjointed, or they get a big rug that covers the floor of the entire room. Getting the right size will make your room look great and cohesive. So, get a rug that will be under all the furniture, but still, have some space between it and the walls.


Lighting is an important part of any room. You need to emphasize certain elements of your room and good lighting is the best way to do it. There are three types of lighting you should consider having: 

  • Ambient: this one is important for the whole feel of the room, the atmosphere of the room.
  • Task: this one is used when something needs to be done in the room and you need more light.
  • Accent: accent lighting is put on specific locations to emphasize certain elements such as paintings.

Consider buying a nice chandelier, because that can really improve the general look of the room. A lamp can be used as good ambient lighting and think about adding wall scones.

Paintings and sculptures

Your walls should always have something on them because that gives out the feel of a nice room. Put paintings you love on your walls. Do not be afraid to put on some more abstract paintings because they will surely steal away some attention. You can also put some smaller sculptures such as busts. They will surely add an artsy feel to the room and make it look better.

mona lisa

Room color

This is a very important part of the whole home redecoration process. A big mistake people usually make is choosing the paint color first, and then everything else. It is much better to make a design with your furniture, rugs and art, and then add the paint color at the end. It is easier, and you will know what color will fit the room best. You can even consider putting wallpaper on. This is a cheap way of having interesting designs on your walls.

wall paper


By redecorating your home you will give it a new life. It will make it look fresh and new and it will seem like you moved to a new house. However, it will still keep the feeling of your home. Use this guide to know what to focus on and how to do your home redecoration. Good luck and have fun redecorating!


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